Planning And Thinking For Others Is The Life Meaning

As we know that we are living bodies and we need some essential or basic things for survival. That includes planning the food, cloth and the shelters to stay and pass through life. This is quite simple in writing but humans made it harder to get it in the normal way. The artificial man made system is now creating issues in people’s lives.

The standard of living is not the same for all people; the human system makes categories in the working. Some are getting richer and some are getting poor day by day. Because this world now sets the rule of humans, not nature. That’s why with the passing days things are getting out of reach for the normal people.

Actually mankind is making the system worse, because in their system there is no place for the poor people. This system allows and filtering only the rich people and giving them all the rights. The more you get in that system the more you will feel bad about it. As in this system everything matters on the basis of money not for the human value.

Now there are many of the big population in the world who don’t have basic things for survival. They are standing and fighting for this from the rich system and one day they get defeated. In this system, getting defeated means you need to accept death and there is no way out. The reality is that if humans do not care about the poor, one day this world will become hell for all.

Now this world needs some extra ordinary human base system which can work against this system. On the other hand, it can help those who are facing trouble with the presence of this system. Because this system is made by the rich people with no place for the poor people.

This system is only pushing you to think and care for yourself and your family. Other humans are like wild animals. You are not concerned whether they live or not. We can’t say humanity or the real version of humanity. The more money in the system means more danger for the poor people, as all things now depend on it which is dangerous.

1.Taking care and moving forward for free education to develop people

The fees, clothing and the courses are getting too expensive day by day. This means poor and needy people are unable to facilitate their generation with education. This is the big gap and disaster of the human base system which does not allow free education for all with standard.

2.Taking care and moving forward for free food for life saving

The food is getting turned into the standard as the rich people make all the things for the status. As the simple food is not simple now it is getting expensive and out of reach from the poor people. That’s why the good organizations of the people are doing their best to handle this issue on a large scale.

The more you get into reality the more you need the perfect combination to defeat this food system.

3.Caring and moving forward for free shelters for the needy public

The shelter is the common issue for all the poor people who are sleeping on the roads. This is not fair. Humans are sleeping on the roads and animals are sleeping in high class places. This is happening due to the bad rich people man made system. For this system breaking people are also doing campaigns to allow others to be on board for this noble cause.

4.Managing and arranging clean drinkable water for general public

People do not understand that humans are first and animals are later in the relationship. Because nature makes animals better fighters against the natural things, as compared to humans. Animals can drink dirty water without any side effects. But humans can face serious issues if they drink bad water. That’s why smart and intelligent people now worry more for clean water only for humans first.

5.Caring and standing for the matter of minorities is the real step

The care of the minorities are also important because they are also humans and they have the same feelings as well. Many of the places minorities are facing violence and bad behavior from the majority. Even if they are not doing anything wrong to anyone, they also need control with money and team.

6.Caring and standing for the matter of women is the real step

The caring for the women is the real war, as the world is not accepting they are the same as men. There is a double standard in the treatment, somewhere they are on top and somewhere they are on bottom. They should also need the equal treatment with complete rights. That’s why good organizations are also standing up for them and working on this issue.

7.Look after and managing in favor of old people healthy life for survival

Caring for the old people is becoming an issue in the social circle. Now people treat them as a load and like a tissue paper. You used it and now it’s time to waste it anywhere without worry. Humans value their money. Real humanity is getting blurred in front of money.

8.Arranging and planning for running consistent cycle of receiving and paying of charity

Against the big and the old money system fighting is not so simple, it must need to have proper fight. For the strong fight, you need strong people and regular big money flow. That’s why people are worrying about collecting charity for the poor people and their basic needs. The more you will be in the main area of the fight the more strong you need different things.

This is the same for the charity organization for children which is doing their best to create the shelter. As in the current system of the rich people this is not possible without help of the rich category. As they need to step forward for others to feel good in their heart.

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