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PARENTS MUST READ! 6 Safety Reminders When Baking With Kids

Both functional and educational, baking is an activity that many parents surely love to teach their children. Having skill in it allows you to create tasty confections anytime you crave for them and anytime you need them for custom celebrations at home. On top of that, baking teaches you diverse values and improves your personality and attitude in and out of the kitchen. Indeed, it is such an impressive activity with multifaceted benefits; that’s why a lot of parents adore baking with kids of their own too!

If you are thinking of a fun and wholesome family bonding idea, baking with kids is one of the best picks! Most parents are afraid and hesitant to lead their kids to the oven or the kitchen in general, but many are convinced that the earlier you teach the young ones to love the kitchen, the better cooks or bakers they can be in the future. Well, we can’t totally disagree with that since a kids’ experience teaches them a lot, that they take it as they grow up. Hey, you’re like that, too, because you were once a kid, so you should understand what that means!  

However, what you, parents, must still keep in mind is that the kitchen is one of the most dangerous house areas for kiddos. You have to be smarter than danger, so it cannot come at all. You have to be very careful, so you can take care of your youngsters while having fun together. Below is a list that parents must read. Here are 6 safety reminders when baking with kids.    

1 – Minute baking ingredients may get into kids’ tiny eyes.

kids baking together

There are so many baking ingredients that make your tasty bonbons come to life. Keep in mind that most of them come in minute particles and powders. Supervise your toddlers whenever you are letting them pour and mix baking ingredients, like bread flour, cake flour, dough, sugar, sanding sugar sprinkles and more. They may get into your kids’ tiny eyes, and irritate them. 

To prevent such incidents, let your little baker wear baking goggles for kids. Also, do not direct an electric fan or any source of air in the kitchen towards the direction of the baking ingredients on your kitchen countertop.   

2 – Don’t let kids put just any ingredient into their mouths.

family bonding time

It’s nothing new and unusual to see the nippers putting inside their mouths anything they get hold of with their tiny hands. Toys and dirt are often the victims. 

In baking, it’s not impossible for such a thing to happen also, especially when you know that your babies are the curious type. Even when the ingredients around are actually condiments and food-related bits, do not let kids place just any ingredient into their mouths. 

Prevent them from accidentally consuming those that can trigger their allergies, if any. Some ingredients are really not for tasting on their own because they don’t taste good. Furthermore, your tiny tots’ sensitive tummies and appetites might be negatively affected.  

3 – Keep sharp baking tools out of children’s reach.

baking with mom

Kids might think that they are toys, but baking tools can lead to accidents in the kitchen, particularly the big and pointed ones. 

With or without supervision, youngsters should not be getting and holding dangerous tools. If your kids are toddlers, they might not yet completely understand why you are restricting them. That’s why you have to keep sharp baking tools out of children’s reach. Place them in locked utensil containers and boxes, located in cabinets and drawers that kiddos cannot access. 

4 – Dress kids with proper baking garments.

baking with kids

Your mini baker is already cute and adorable, but make him/her extra extra extra charming with the right baking outfit! Well, besides the fashionable purpose that will make your baking activity even sweeter, dressing kids with the proper baking garments shields them from spills and heat. The most suitable clothing will guard your body and your kiddo’s body while baking! 

5 – Keep them away from the powered oven.

oven-baked food

Probably the most common reason for accidents in the baking area is getting in contact with the powered oven. Make sure your teenyboppers will not come near it. They can get burnt or electrocuted. Keep them away also from it when the oven has not yet cooled down. 

6 – Let trays cool down before placing them in front of the kiddos. 

baking with son

Lastly, when the baking proper is finished, it’s time to take the goodies out of the oven and to lay them down on the trays or pans where you can take them and munch on them. But before you get your tiny tots to be very excited, let the containers cool down first. Before placing them in front of the youngsters who might suddenly grab them, make sure the trays and bowls are no longer too hot and harmful. 



Of course, every parent cherishes the exciting fun that fills the family’s bonding. Especially when you see that the tiny tots look so interested, curious and engrossed in the baking activity you prepared, the joy is incomparable! You want to make unique and beautiful memories with them while they are still small and young, and it feels so fulfilling to witness their smiles and hear their giggles while baking and when they get to see the aromatic baked goodies you create together! 

To make your baking activity with kids more wonderful than it already is, be sure to keep them safe and away from harm. That’s the most important thing to remember! Enjoy baking safely.      



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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