Montblanc replica Timewalker Double Fly Grey Titanium Chronograph

Replica watches: Montblanc’s products often exude a style that is recognizable and timeless, as can be seen from the Nicholas Swiss chronograph family. This creativity is rarely compare to the brand; in recent years, the Timewalker series also clearly shows the brand’s modern and contemporary style.

The spirit of the times, especially the TimeWalker Double Flying Chronograph released in 2012. And the brand-new chronograph movement developed by itself have won full applause. Montblanc went a step further in 2013 and launched a new version of the TimeWalker Double Flying Grey Titanium Chronograph, the official model For: 107338

The simple and neat style of the TimeWalker series is based on the architectural design of modern fiberglass. The simple aesthetic brushstrokes are fully displaye.

This Montblanc Timewalker has a double-flying chronograph function. And at the same time uses a specially designed dial to neatly arrange various functions together, which can be described as orderly.

AppearanceMONTBLANC replica

The new GreyTech grey titanium model is closely related to the style and personality of the Timewalker series. Although the diameter of the watch is 43 mm, a narrow bezel makes the dial more spacious. And all functions are clear at a glance; the hollow lugs belong to the Timewalker series.

The first feature is a solid inlai charcoal grey alligator leather strap with contrast stitching. With sandblasted titanium pin buckle, elastic fit, comfortable to wear on the wrist. best replica watches

The Timewalker Double Fly Grey Titanium Chronograph exudes the technological characteristics of the times. The silver-grey matte titanium case is satin-finishe and sandblaste, presenting a pleasing texture contrast. The edges of the case and case back are sandblaste, and this consistent matte finish complements the subtle grey accents.

Whether viewed from the micro-domed crystal glass or the transparent case back, it can be see that the perfect combination of subtle style. And advanced technology highlights the performance and style of a high-end chronograph.

The large and wide dial has different shades of gray, and the seven display functions are clearly distribute: including the gray calendar dial with ample openings, the charcoal gray hollow hour. And minute hands, large Arabic numerals, etc. The hour and minute hands and chronograph hands are treate with luminous coating, with luminous hour markers, the dark environment will not hinder the display function.

The skeletonized lugs are the first feature of the Timewalker series, and this model is no exception. The non-screw crown is also made of sandblasted titanium and is accompanied by the iconic Montblanc replica logo. Securely inlaid charcoal grey alligator leather strap with contrast stitching, with sandblasted titanium pin buckle, elastic fit, comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Function articlesreplica watches

The hour circle composed of 6 embossed hour numbers displays the dial for the second. Time zone at the twelve o’clock position of the watch, providing a twenty-four-hour display mode.

The charcoal gray second time zone 24-hour display is meticulously decorate. The part between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm has an embossed ray pattern. And the night time part below is decorate with a number of arc patterns, symbolizing the starry night sky.

The dial located in the center of the watch shows the time of the wearer’s residence. At the same time, there is a small second dial at the six o’clock position of the main dial. The center of the hour and minute hands is hollowe out, and the minute timer scale below can be see.

After the flyback timing is activate, the central chronograph second hand. And the slightly shorter chronograph minute hand instantly reset to zero. And a new timing procedure is automatically launche in real time, which is the origin of the name “TwinFly”.

The 60-second chronograph scale is located on the edge of the dial, and the 60-minute timer is located in the center of the dial. The black charcoal chronograph second hand has a light gray tip. And the light gray chronograph minute hand has a black charcoal tip. Minute scale controls are never confusing. replica watches

The inner ring of the dial is surrounde by a dark calendar dial with charcoal gray numerals. And a small white window frame at 9 o’clock circles the date of the day.fake watches

The watch is powere by the MB LL100 self-winding chronograph movement, designed, manufactured, fine-tuned and assembled by the Montblanc Manufacture in Nylok, Switzerland.

The LL100 chronograph movement is equippe with a column-wheel timing system. And the advanced clutch disc structure not only reduces wear and tear, but also improves the power transmission efficiency from the four wheels to the chronograph wheel, providing a 72-hour power reserve.

The dark gray rhodium-plated base plate parts are in sharp contrast with the golden gears, blue screws. And ruby bearings; technology-based design ideas, strong and light case materials and precise micro-mechanical parts are all in place, clearly for the watch. The family declares that even in the era of ubiquitous smartphones, the subtle and low-key aesthetics and precise. And practical timepiece functions are still not afraid of the baptism of time, and the value is always the same. replica watches

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