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Make Chinese shadows with your hands

Make Chinese shadows with your hands

The key to success when it comes to Chinese shadow puppets is the willingness to experiment, try solutions, and be very playful. That said, while there are no complex technology requirements, you will get the best results by choosing the most suitable light source. The best light source is a portable, adjustable light source with a powerful bulb and a focused medium to narrow beam. An ideal lighting solution is a set of viewing angle lamps that project a clear circle of light against the wall or screen.

Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With E For Kids

The closer your hands are to the light source

The larger your shadow will be but the less precise it is. The further your hands are from the light source, the brighter you will give the screen, but it will be smaller. Many good books describe a traditional set of hand positions for some characters, but you don’t need to study it that deeply if you’re new to it. In fact, in many ways, it is better to learn through playful experiences to fully understand the principles.

Break from technology with your kids

If you want to take a break from technology with your kids, why not get creative and create easy Chinese shadows with your hands. It’s simple and can be a great way to have fun with family and friends, especially children. Work for your fingers and hands and look at the pictures below. Follow the correct position of the hands and fingers to create the desired shade. Ready to play with the shadows? Real shadow puppets can take a long time to create.

Play your shadow games

Did you know that you can play your shadow games with just your hands? It’s true! With a light, a wall, and your hands, you can learn to create a variety of different shadows. Spend some time with your kids learning simple hands-up Chinese shadows and you will be able to organize your shadow play in no time. You can learn how to make butterflies, camels, deer, dogs, rabbits, cats, bulls, crabs, and much more! Shadow puppets, however, can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Puppets made of paper

Today you can see shadow puppets made of paper, plastic, wood, or fabric. There is no end to what creative puppeteers can be when they create their puppets. History of the Chinese shadows The truth is, no one is quite sure when and how the Chinese shadow puppets began.

China and India several thousand years ago

The earliest known representations were made in China and India several thousand years ago. It is an ancient art. Some have speculated that they may well date back to prehistoric times when our earliest ancestors huddled around the flames in their homes and noticed the shadows cast on the walls of their caves. It is not difficult to imagine how they could have started to play with shadows and thus tell stories through the moving images they discovered they could create.

In eighteenth-century Europe

there was a fad for corporate salons among the well-to-do, and Chinese shadows were indeed very popular, as were magic acts and “mind-reading” performances. And shadows still play an important role today, with performances on television and even on the Las Vegas stage. As primitive and simple as it is, the Chinese shadow show not only entertains us but also allows us to open the doors of imagination and experience the wonder and delight of childhood.

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