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Luxurious Kitchen Essentials Fit for a Queen | Custom Homes Dallas

Whether you’re planning to build a custom home from scratch or remodel your existing home, the kitchen is the one place that needs your maximum attention. 

Especially if you have opted for an open kitchen plan, you have to go a little beyond your budget and creativity to create the look of your dreams.

Reliable Dallas custom home builders can definitely help you with this. But to make this journey smoother, here we’re sharing our tried-and-tested tips for building a luxurious kitchen set up in your custom home in Dallas. 

 Solid flooring

The kitchen is one of the high-trafficked areas in our home. That is why it needs solid and durable flooring. Wooden floors are our personal favorite. They’re also perfect if you want your kitchen to have a luxurious appeal. 

The only downside is wooden floors require consistent maintenance. Also, they’re one of the most expensive options available out there. If you’re on a budget, you can also give tiled flooring a try. They’re affordable, available in a wide range of color and design choices, and above all, very easy to clean and maintain. 

The best part? They look amazing too. 

Custom cabinetry

As they say, luxury doesn’t exist without quality. Hence get ready to generously spend if you’re looking to add that eccentric feel to your custom home in Dallas.

Ditch those traditional flat panels or shaker-style cabinetry and experiment with something more unusual and unique. What about contemporary or glass-front cabinetry types?

You can also choose rustic or slab cabinets depending upon your needs and preferences. 

Contemporary cabinets feature a flat-surface design. Because of their minimal and unfussy look, these cabinets perfectly blend in with your kitchen’s functional design. 

Glass-front cabinets are designed to complement your solid cabinet doors. You can also showcase your high-end vases and glassware if you choose to go with this cabinetry type. Just don’t forget to illuminate these cabinets for extra ambiance. 

Built-in appliances

A luxurious custom kitchen is incomplete without energy-efficient built-in appliances. Double door refrigerators, double ovens, dishwashers, and other smart kitchen appliances will make your kitchen stand out. 

You can also take your kitchen decor to the next level using integrated kitchen technology. The possibilities are literally endless…

Mixed countertop materials

It is essential to select a countertop material that is durable and easy to clean. Granite and Quartz are popular countertop materials. But similar to anything else, they also have their pros and cons. 

Complementing your basic granite or quartz countertop with wood will add that desired luxurious feel to your kitchen decor. 

You can also mix your granite top with glass. Because glass is available in countless designs and finishes, it is easier to achieve stunning and out-of-the-box results with this approach. 

You don’t really have to stick to granite or quartz for your kitchen countertops. There are other options as well- laminate, soapstone, marble, and concrete are to name a few. 

Here an expert custom home builder Dallas can help you find out the best countertop material fit for your needs and budget. 


The right lighting serves as a cherry on top for your custom kitchen. It makes everything shine. 

Don’t just depend on LEDs and overhead lighting. Choose a mix of natural, spotlight, and overhead options. Good lighting adds depth to the interiors and accentuates the design details and finishes you have used in your custom construction. 

Exotic chandeliers are trending these days. You can install one or multiple chandeliers over your central working zone to light your kitchen.  

Ceiling details

The ceiling is another essential that can turn the entire look of your kitchen upside down. Plain white is timeless and goes with almost every theme and construction. 

In the case of a single-story home, you can also give the vaulted ceiling a try. Tray ceiling, because of its layered look, gives an impression of a higher ceiling. Not too trendy, but it can actually look good. 

Besides that, you can also try exposed beams, coffered, or shed style- depending upon your budget and design needs. 

Hand-made tiles

Anything hand-made is believed to be exotic. To give your custom kitchen the love it deserves, you can invest in hand-crafted custom tiles. Use them in your backsplashes, flooring, and even countertop to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen. 

Multiple work zones and stations

Having multiple work zones in your kitchen will add to the functionality. Not only this, but it also adds to the luxurious appeal of your kitchen. 

One of our friends built a separate bread-cutting station, coffee station, and even barbeque station in his custom kitchen. And trust us, it was the best thing we have seen in any custom home construction. 

There you have it – luxurious kitchen essentials fit for a queen. Want to add something to this list? Share your suggestions down below. We’d like to know more about your preferences.

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