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Logo Design Trends You Should Know In 2022

A trend means a style or fashion popular at a certain point. Just like all other things, logo design trends also change timely. Every year, there are new trends regarding logo design. And we suggest you follow them. Implying the latest trends on your logo makes it look fresher and more relevant. Most best animated logo designers take care of all the trends to make your logo stand out from the competitors. Before moving to the latest logo design trends, we suggest you know everything about a logo. 

Every New Year marks the fresh starts and bring new logo design trends! We’ve compiled a list of the top logo design trends that are making an impression on the web. The most important aspect of a logo is that it is timeless. Keeping up with current trends will assist you in keeping your logo looking current and relevant.

Looking forward to what’s coming up next is one of our favorite aspects of the end of the year. One of our favorite ways to do so is to examine the logo design trends that are gaining traction and poised to dominate the scene in the coming year. So, if you’re designing a logo that needs to stand out from the crowd, or if you’re just looking for design ideas, here are the top logo design trends for 2022.

What Is A Logo?

A logo is actually the face of a brand. The concept of the logo is not something new. Even in ancient times, people used to mark their property with hot seals or symbols. Over time, the designs improve, and technology is used to make logos. But, the concept of the logo is still the same as identification. Even an uneducated person, who does not know how to read, can also identify your brand by a symbol. It is the primary factor that distinguishes your brand in this competitive world. Moreover, a logo creates a connection between a customer and the brand.

Modern Trends Of Logo Design

Every year, people look ahead to new trends for a logo. Thus, they can design a logo accordingly. It makes a logo look up to date. However, in this constantly changing world, we suggest you keep up with the trends. We will discuss a few most critical logo design trends.


As time passes by, logo designs are becoming simpler. If you want consumers to understand your brand name easily. Then, do not overcomplicate things. A simple brand logo will instantly stand out from the crowd. The brands are ditching complex designs that might distract the viewers from the brand name. Instead, the trend is to use clearer fonts, easily read on all kinds of screens. For instance, a food chain Sweetgreen prioritizes readability by removing inverted lettering. The minimalistic design also gives a decent impression of your brand.

Glitch Design

This logo design trend is all about making an intentional look unintentional. It introduces imperfections into your branding projects with glitch logos by featuring digital or analogue errors like television static or misprinted colours. We have seen this trend recently in the Tik Tok logo. The static movement lets your customers feel the vibrations of your message. On the other hand, it is not hard to design a glitch logo. Most professional logo design services can easily turn your text into a glitch effect with just one click.


This trend has been around for quite a while now. A gradient is when two different colours smoothly transition into one another. While this year, gradients consist of bright colours. Moreover, it also gives a 3D effect to your logo. Recently, we see Adobe using this effect with its creative cloud logo featuring a swirly mixture of colours representing different tools within the brand’s portfolio. Other than Adobe, applications like Instagram, Messenger, and Mozilla firefox also used this trend in their logo.

Hand-Drawn Logos

This type of logo gives the feel of a drawing. Furthermore, it looks like a raw and unfinished drawing. This trend is not new, but it is repeating itself in 2022. If you go and see the different websites, you can easily find this logo. Using strokes and scribbles, we create the drawings. This trend is getting so popular that app development services are creating apps for easy access anytime, anywhere. So they can design hand-drawn logos. In this era, when everything around us is digital. This logo gives a very artistic and creative feel. These logos can be sketches as well.

Natural Logo Designs

With more and more people worrying about the environment in 2022, brand logos need to convey an eco-friendly message. Incorporating a natural element into a logo communicates that you care for the environment. These logos have illustrations and decorative images that convey a sense of the great outdoors. Especially skincare brands follow this trend more than anyone. It helps to make consumers feel more comfortable while using the product.

Throwback Logos

Creating a brand refresh does not always have to mean looking forward. Over the past few years, we have seen brands returning to their roots with a rebooted version of one of their classic logo designs. It creates childhood nostalgia among customers. Moreover, it reminds them of the company’s commitment to a recipe that sets it apart from the competitors. An example of a throwback design is the logo of Cadbury. It features a half glass of milk and a swirling signature. Which has appeared on packaging since the British chocolate company was founded. It is also a marketing strategy to make your customers feel that your product has not even slightly changed.

Geometric Shapes

Designers use geometric shapes to make a logo aesthetic. We know that logo designed at proper angles always engages the viewers. However, geometric logos are more neat and simple. A well-designed geometric logo looks very creative, and it speaks for itself. For instance, the French automobile company – Renault changed the logo to a geometric symbol. Usually, high-tech companies prefer using geometric logos. And now, in 2022, it has become a trend.

Negative Space

A negative space is an unused area. It is left blank around a graphic element. Any logo designer needs to know how to use negative space. In 2022, it is becoming a trend to take advantage of negative space and give exciting meaning to it. Negative space can include hidden messages or images within a logo. It is a great way to engage your viewers. Creative usage of negative space is crucial for portraying your message to the viewers. 


We’re going to see a lot of nostalgia from various decades and art styles. Consider looking to the past for inspiration for your next logo design. Consider what has worked in the past and what has elicited the emotions you want to elicit in your new design. Then, find a way to reimagine it for 2022, which could include stretching, blurring, animating, or simply changing the color palette.

That wraps up our list of logo design trends for 2022. We suggest you apply these trends. So you can design a meaningful logo. On the other hand, many logo designers can make a logo for your company as they know all the latest trends. You can try these trends on your logo to make it look fresh for the new year. Which of these trends do you think will going to last till 2023? Time will tell.

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