List of Top 10 Womens Hostels in Coimbatore

If you are searching for the best womens hostel in coimbatore for a new career, new jobs, a new dream, new life & new achieving goal are the key point that why people leave their comfort zone of home atmosphere and step into a different new world of stranger cities. If you are one of them who left your native town and came here to Coimbatore in search of a good job or awesome career placement then Coimbatore is the best place. If you have decided to stay here then you need a perfect place for residing then Womens hostel in Coimbatore is best.

Exclusive if you are a woman then safety residing is a must!! In Coimbatore, there are many ladies’ hostels where you can stay peacefully at an affordable rate. Staying should be hassle-free and trouble-free then only you can feel safe and comfortable. Here in this blog let’s see the top 10 hostels in Coimbatore, exclusive for working women and female students only.

1. Zolo Vrindhavan, Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore

This is best a professionally operated PG home in the Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore. This hostel has a safe environment and women can have a great stay here. This female PG offers various well-equipped modern amenities like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc for your comfort. It gives usually room for double, four occupancy types. This Hostel is located nearby all major commercial and educational hubs. Loud music and party, fun all are allowed here.  Room charge food include 5,500/- onwards

2. Lara Womens Hostel in Coimbatore

Our perfect Womens Hostel in Coimbatore is one of the most reputed girls’ hostels and has class facilities with all comfort services like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc. Perfect locality, close to all major hubs, like education, malls, and temples, best for women to stay here. 24/7 security service, on-staff duty, and 24/7 housekeeping staff. Rooms are available for single, double, shared, four, etc. Charge will come 8 Sharing – 5500, 5 Sharing – 6000, 4 Sharing – 6500, 3 Sharing – 7500, 2 Sharing – 9000, Single – 13,500

3. Zolo Tenet, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Zolo Tenet is PG type hostel exclusive for women only in Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Great for ambiance and locality. Located in a safe environment, the unique part is a unisex PG hostel. This hostel life style offers the best amenities for your safe staying like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc. This hostel has PG single, double, and triple occupancy types. Located near all major shopping complexes and educational hubs. Room charge food includes 6000/- Onwards.

4. Bala Homestay Paying Guest/Hostels

PG rooms for rent at Bala Homestay PG home in Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Placed in a safe atmosphere, this female PG offers wide comfortable amenities like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc. This hostel offers single, double, triple, and four types of rooms. Close to all major cities, temples, and commercial and educational hubs. Room charges are 8000/- with food facilities both veg and nonveg.

5. Zolo Femme Paying Guest/Hostels, in Saibaba Colony

Zolo Femme is perfect for a PG-type hostel with well-designed stored buildings that have the best amenities like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc. It has Ground Floor, 1, 2, and 3 floors recently constructed just one year ago, newly hostel with Hygenic locality. Room charges are 5,500/- with food facilities both veg and non veg.

6. Zolo Darshan, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore

Zolo Darshan is an amicable spacious PG hostel. Too many floors are associated, you can get the best community here like to live locally. Floor having 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and fifth stored buildings with HSR layout. The dining area is there, food on a weekday as well as on a weekend. This female PG offers wide comfortable amenities like TV, AC, Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc. This hostel offers single, double, triple, and four types of rooms

7. SRS Grands Ladies Hostel Paying Guest/Hostels

This SRS Grands the Best Ladies Hostel managed PG home in the Goldwin’s, Coimbatore. Placed in a safe locality with modern amenities like Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, and TV. Safe PG girls’ hostel, located nearby major commercial and educational hubs. This women’s PG hostel has other occupancy-type food included.

8. Stanza Living, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

The best place for women has modern amenities for your comfort, such as Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. Rooms are available for double, triple, and four-occupancy types. Located nearby commercial and educational hubs.

9. Prestige Living Premium AC Women’s Hostel

This place is located close to Coimbatore’s major hubs like educational institutions and IT workplaces. Fully furnished airconditioned rooms with perfect ambiance.

10. Lavender Residency Girls Hostel Paying Guest/Hostels

Lavender Residency Girls Hostel is a PG hostel in the Peelamedu. Located in a safe environment. All equipped with modern amenities like such as Food, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, TV, etc


If you are moving to Coimbatore and searching for the best 10 top hostels exclusive for women these are the top women hostels in Coimbatore. Among them our Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore, Lara is the best for girls safety

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