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Muslim individuals have utmost importance for the holy Quran that actually drives their life, happiness, and success. It’s not just a religious book but a guiding force provided by the Almighty Allah to all Muslims to lead a prosperous path of life. Therefore, it is imperative to read and understand the Quran daily and follow the best practices.

In this digital age, you have the best means of the Muslim Pro App to read and listen to all the verses of the Quran. You can manage your schedule accordingly to read the sacred book from an app itself and while on the go. 

Apart from that, you should be aware of the proper way of reciting the Quran and acquire a complete set of benefits. In that particular aspect, we have framed a few ways to ideally recite the Quran in a simplistic manner. 

Understand Quran Recitation

“Recitation” comes from the action word “discuss”, and that means to say something you’ve retained or a proper perusing of some verse(s) before a group of people.

In like manner, “Quran Recitation” alludes to the demonstration of recounting stanzas (ayat) of the Holy Quran without holding back whether relying upon bringing from memory or direct perusing from the book of Allah (SWT).

There are 10 different ways of discussing the Quran called “The Ten Qirats”, where the phrasing might contrast, yet the significance is something similar. On the off chance that there is an alternate significance, it is via minor departure from a topic, not restricting and inconsistency.

Know the 10 Qiraat

The Ten Qirats are the ten popular strategies for the recitations of the Holy Quran by renowned power chain holders.

Each Qirat gets its name from the renowned Rawi (The reciter who describes it with a laid out and confirmed chain) and has its own standards of recitation and tajweed.

Here are the names of the ten Qira’ats :

1. Naafi’ Al-Madani

2. Ibn Katheer Al-Makki

3. Abu Amr Al-Basri

4. Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami

5. Asim al-Kufi

6. Hamzah Al-Kufi

7. Al-Kisaa’i

8. Abu Ja’far Al-Madani

9. Yaqub ibn Al-Basri

10. Khalaf

Key Benefits of Reciting the Quran

Muslims procure endless advantages and compensations for recounting the Quran with understanding, particularly in the event that it’s performed consistently. A portion of these advantages:

The Quran we recount will mediate for us on the Day of Judgment.

At the point when a Muslim recounts Quran, it influences the heart and decontaminates it by cleaning it from every one of the contaminations that stick to it.

Recitation of the Quran is a shrewd method for procuring such countless great deeds in a brief time frame; each letter you discuss from the Quran presents to you a decent deed, and every deed is duplicated by ten.

Quran recitation can start a kind of discussion with Allah (SWT).

Satisfy the strict obligation of discussing the Quran with understanding.

Recitation of the Holy Quran is the best solution for issues like pressure and uneasiness.

The people who discuss the Quran with trouble, stammering or staggering through its sections, then, at that point, will have two times its prizes.

Different Ways to Improve Quran Recitation

1. Recite as much as you can

Recount Quran as regularly as possible. The more you perform it, the more you succeed at it. Without further ado, you’ll peruse a new page in a similar measure of time you used to take to peruse several lines.

2. Embed Quran recitation in your everyday existence schedule

Unquestionably, the most effective way to fabricate another propensity is to connect it with a generally existing one. You want to connect the propensity of discussing the Quran in Arabic with something you do every day. Something like cleaning your teeth or getting into your garments toward the beginning of the day.

3. Learn Quranic jargon

The way into the entire course of understanding the Quran is to learn Quranic jargon records. Assuming you advance around 300 words, that records for around 70% of the whole Quran. Be that as it may, you really want to get familiar with the right words.

4. Pay attention to prepared reciters

Do you have a most loved reciter of the Holy Quran like Sheik Abdulrahman as-Sudais or Mishary Alafasy? Follow their recitation and use it to rehearse your own recitation. You will figure out how they articulate specific words and how to undulate their voice to draw out that recitation that moves the heart.

5. Utilize the Mus’haf (Hard Copy of Holy Quran)

The mus’haf is the printed version of the Holy Quran, and you will find that it assists you with keeping straight with the tajweed decides that further develop your Quranic recitation. This ought to be utilized simultaneously with anything on the Muslim Pro App that works on your recitation.


Reciting Quran has of utmost relevance for Muslims to maintain closeness toward Allah. But you need to follow a certain way of reciting the holy verses and getting the maximum benefit out of the same. 

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