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Kunti Betta Trek: A Complete Guide


Kunti Betta is situated in the Pandavapura town and it is a hillock which is located at an altitude about 2,882 feet above the sea level which is very famous for trekking. The trekking trail is very beautiful and is surrounded by the sugarcane fields, paddy fields and coconut trees. People can also watch the beautiful and refreshing sunrise.

Places To Visit In Kunti Betta

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Kunti Betta has around 100 stone steps which have an ending point at the Sri Mallikarjuna temple. This is a beautiful temple and is a prime example of Davidian architecture. There is a marriage hall here- Kalyana Mantapa behind the temple where marriage ceremonies are held. There is also a Ganesh figure which is painted on the stone beside the temple. Just next to the temple people will find a small rock depression or Kalyani which is called Kunti Kola.

Kunti Kund

Kunti Kind is a beautiful and small lake which is located at the foot of the hill which is filled with the clear blue water and it looks amazing.

Parikrama Point

Parikrama point is a beautiful place or a point which provides people a magnificent and amazing view of the whole place. People can see the magnificent hills, green trees and mist which makes the view panoramic.

Thonnur Lake

Thonnur lake is a magnificent lake which is located 10 km away from the Kunti Betta. People can spend a peaceful and quality time here. This magnificent lake is surrounded by the lush green trees and the lake is filled with the cold water.

How To Reach Kunti Betta?

Kunti Betta has a distance of about 125 km from the Bangalore city. The distance from Mandya to Kunti Betta is about 25 km and from Mysore is about 33 km.

By Air

The closest airport is the Mysore airport which is just 39 km away. People can hire the cabs and the taxis to reach Kunti Betta from the Mysore airport.

By Rail

Rail is also a good choice to reach Kunti Betta. There is the Pandavapura Railway Station which has a distance of about 8 km from Kunti Betta. People can hire the cabs and the taxis from the railway station to reach Kunti Betta.

By Road

People can also reach Kunti Betta by road. There are several buses which have a route from Bangalore to Srirangapatna or Mandya. People can reach Pandavapura from these places by using the local transport here. After that people can hire a taxi or auto rickshaws to reach Kunti Betta. People can also enjoy the road trip to Kunti Betta in their own car with the scenic views and music.

Kunti Betta Day Trek 

  • Leave from Bangalore city at 6.30 p.m.
  • Reach to the base point and be relaxed for a while.
  • People should start the trek at around 10.30 a.m.
  • Reach to the top
  • Explore the immense beauty of this place and try out the amazing and thrilling challenges.
  • Reach the base point by 4 p.m.
  • By reaching the base point, go for breakfast.
  • Leave from this place and go back to the starting point i.e. Bangalore city.

Things to Remember

  1. People have to keep their fitness high as the climbing would be tough.
  2. Carry good quality shoes as the path is rocky and with a lot of loose soil.
  3. Bring  adequate water with them as the journey will be so long and it will make them thirsty.
  4. Keep sunscreen, caps and sunglasses with them as Kunti Betta trek is a day trek and there would be strong sunlight at that time.
  5. Carry an extra pair of clothes with them during the trek.


Here is all the information about the Kunti Betta trek. Everyone should visit here for trekking once in their lifetime. Do not forget to taste the lovely and delicious local food of this place. Meeting people, listening to their stories and learning  about their cultures and traditions will give one of the most loveliest and charming experiences to everyone.

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