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Is Dallas Colocation Services Really Worth It?


A common and essential question among every business user is whether Dallas Colocation Services is worth buying for the IT requirements of the business. A significant concern has been addressed by data center experts with their customers and clients. Maintaining your server control and hardware server system is really an important task at the present time. 

Business needs to collaborate with multiple internet services and the Dallas Colocation service provides best-in-class network availability to ensure your server network redundancy fastest as possible. In this article, you will learn all the information about Colocation hosting in Dallas and why this service is an excellent choice to move. Let’s begin

Let’s Understand what is Colocation Server:-

You can use a colocation server to move your server to a third-party data center for hosting purposes. This service provides you top establish a complete server hardware setup system to maintain the standard networks from data centers. 

Dallas Colocation Services is rising in popularity for several key reasons we will discuss in the next headline. Basically, a Colocation Server is a practice of ‘co-locating’ IT infrastructure equipment by renting space from a colocation data center also known as a third-party data center.  

With colocation servers, there are some qualities defined by data centers that indicate their server capacity and performance level. In technical words, we can say there are some Tier levels which are Tier1 to 4. According to this definition, data centers with higher numbers are better, while those with lower numbers are inadequate. 

Such as if you choose Tier 4 data center provider for your hosting then. You are choosing the most expensive and high-quality Dallas Data Center Colocation along with that, you will get full 100% Dedicated Resources. 

Tier 1 server facility describes a basic level server colo with limited resources. The best is you should have to choose a level point of these Tires because you can get some extra benefits if you choose Between Tier2 or Tier3 data center facilities. You can also explore a variety of different elements to consider the Right Dallas Colocation Service provider.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dallas Colocation Services Facility

The important thing is we have to consider some points before buying Dallas Colocation Services. Especially Data Center Tier is really crucial factor when you are going to buy a colo service. The Tier level reveals that your server is small, medium, or large in terms of reliability and performance. 

If you are okay with choosing Tier1 to Tier4 Datacenter housing for your business purpose then some points that you have to keep in your mind. If you are going to buy cheap colo then you have to deal with cheap server management and server facility. Along with that it also identifies downtime issues or unnecessary expenses let’s understand more about Datacenter Tires.

  • Tier 1:- in this level a data center provides a single path power and cooling system with no backup components.
  • Tier 2:- in this level a data center provides a single path for power and cooling and some redundant and backup components.
  • Tier 3:- with the tire3 data center facility you will get multiple paths for power and cooling with the redundant server system.
  • Tier 4:- at the top class Colo it provides a complete fault-tolerant with redundancy for every component with expected 99.98% uptime. 

Why Choose Tier 3 Data Center Facility For your IT Business Company 

Basically data centers tires define the standard ranking system and it is based on uptime and service cost. But how can tier 3 data center Dallas Colocation Services determine the suitable service for you?

A Tire 3 data center is a maintainable server facility that comes with multiple paths which are distributed for  Redundant Power and Colling. Like tire 1or 2data centers, you do not need to require a total shutdown of your server in terms of maintenance. Along with that tire3 server not requires a total shutdown when your equipment is ging replaced. You will get N+1 availability with Dallas Server Colocation. Where “N” refers to full capacity to IT load and “+1” refers to an extra component for backup. 

With Dallas Colocation Services you will get a full backup solution so you can keep your server operations running as it is. Also, Tire3 data center facility colocation gives a local or region-wide outage power. You can operate your equipment continuously for the last 72 hours which is such an efficient outage range. 

Get Serverwala Tire- 3 Colocation Service in Dallas  with 100% Dedicated & Unshared Bandwidth

Dallas Colocation Services

Now you can understand that Tire 3 Data Center is a good choice to choose your Dallas Colocation Services with many advanced benefits. Now we can learn a perfect and suitable Web hosting provider for your business. Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, and Colocation Servers are some of the web hosting services that Serverwala provides. Serverwala provides Tire- 3 Carrier Neutral Data Center Facility with their colocation with many options.

Why Serverwala is a great option for your colocation hosting here are key reasons:-

  • Single Server Colo:-

With Singer server colocation  you will get a 110V power supply, 100MB unmetered, up to 3U and 2 Amps, IPv4 Addresses (/29), and Free remote reboots/

  • Quarter Cabinet:-

With their Quater cabinet Dallas Colocation you will get, a Shared Locking Cabinet, 100MB unmetered, Free Rack and Stack, Power 110/10A, and Quarter Cabinet 10U.

  • Half Cabinet:-

With their half cabinet option you will get Free Rack and Stack, Power 110/20A, Half Cabinet 20U, Shared Locking Cabinet, Free 2 hour per month remote hands, and Includes PDU.

  • Full Cabinet:-

With their full cabinet you will get 100% Dedicated & Unshared Bandwidth, Free Rack and Stack, 1G unmetered, Full 42U Locking Cabinet, Free 4 hours per month remote hands, Power 110/20A, Up to 10Gbps network port available, and IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. 


 At the end of this article, you learn specific things before purchasing Dallas Colocation Services for your IT business. Also, you can understand what are tire levels data center facility. If you are really serious about your business infrastructure then Server Wala Dallas Data Center Colocation is the best choice for your business industry. You can check their official website for know more details about prices and plans. 

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