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Important Features of SoapUI

SoapUI is a cross-platform tool that is useful for operational as well as non-operational testing, and it is most useful for Web Services testing. We can also illustrate it as an open-source tool it is widely useful in Web service testing. SoapUI is one of the famous API web testing services. You can simulate Web services with the help of SoapUI. SoapUI is Java-based, so it runs on most of the functional systems. So, if you’re looking to enhance your testing skills join institutes for Soapui Training in Noida from where you will get complete knowledge about this particular course.

If you don’t have basic knowledge of SoapUI still you can learn very easily because it is user-friendly. 

Features of SoapUI

Easy for functional Testing

SoapUI gives drag and drops options for developing test suites, test steps, and test requests. They help to create difficult test scenarios without writing any background scripts. SoapUI also gives an option for test debugging that allows us to manage the test performance phase by phase. With the help of SoapUI, we can also execute data-driven testing within a quick time. 

It provides –

Firstly, Drag and Drop Test Creation – Improve your productivity with code-free examination circumstances. Assemble and run even the most complex test methods with drag and drop activities.

Later, Complex Scenarios – Execute and validate a login method while pushing your enterprise messaging and grabbing client-server SOAP traffic.

Security Testing

 SoapUI tools supply opportunities to protect websites from hackers and viral software applications. SoapUI tools supply opportunities to protect websites from hackers and viral software applications. Security testing is a type of testing that assists you to recognize the fragile spaces of web applications. With the help of SoapUI tools, we can protect applications by implementing Test Generator, SQL Injection, and XML Bomb techniques. 

It delivers-

Firstly, SQL Injection – Helps to secure your database. Transmit in nasty SQL statements to make sure it’s not possible to get a permit to or weaken your databases.

Later, XML Bomb – A composition of excessive size can generate fluctuation, create your systems unavailable. The XML Bomb scanner will analyze whether your system is weak to pile overflows.

Some Additional Features of SoapUI

Load Testing Using LoadUI

 SoapUI can also consider a web application’s limit balancing capability. LoadUI is an option available on the toolbar to consider the load capability of web applications. After developing proper testing, we move to load testing by clicking on the LoadUI option. SoapUI guide to LoadUI tool for testing and can be configured based on the requirement. After performing the load test, LoadUI generates a report that assists to control whether the application can run with a heavy load or not. 

It provides-

At First, Click and Run Tests – Build load tests in SoapUI from existing operational tests with just a right-click.

Later, Pre-Built Load Systems – Choose one of the pre-defined load systems such as Simple, Fixed-Rate, or another to affect different test requirements smoothly.

Service Simulation

Mock Services allow you to simulate and develop vital tests against SOAP and REST Web Services before they are executed. They eliminate the cost of making full-scale models of your production systems and allow customers to access the assistance without waiting for them to produce or be available. You can also mimic the desired behavior.

It gives-

Auto Mock Creation- SoapUI is packed with business-class components. It brings a WSDL from your preferred spot and automatically renders the Mock Service and its strategies for you.

Custom Responses – Insert a Property Development in any part to load it programmatically, modify the information to identify various MockResponses to which will transmit later on.

Real Services – Simulate your Real Web Services without having delay for them to be prepared or available. Best of all, you don’t have to create costly full-scale models of your production systems.


Earlier in this post, we have discussed the features of SoapUI. This type of platform delivers and creates web services with fewer defects. They also help to examine step-by-step. It is one of the most important web service testing tools. If you are looking to enroll yourself in this field, then you must join Soapui Training Institute in Gurgaon from where you will get complete information about this particular course. 

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