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Import MBOX Files into G Suite Account With Complete Data Security

Overview: This post is ideal for you if you’re searching for a terrific way to import MBOX files into G Suite account, since it will walk you through the process. The method that is mentioned in the post may be utilised to import into G Suite any and all MBOX files that are compatible with services and programmes including Thunderbird, Postbox, SeaMonkey, and Entourage. Continue reading to find out how to easily import messages from MBOX into G Suite.

Learn About Features Available in Your G Suite Account

  1. The unlimited cloud storage on Drive that comes with G Suite guarantees the safety of your data. For further security against Cyber Attacks and Data Theft, you may enable 2-step verification for Users and Devices using G Suite.
  2. When compared to Microsoft Office 365, G Suite is the more budget-friendly option. The starting
  3. price for G Suite, which includes 30GB of storage for each user, is only $125 per month.
  4. While a basic Gmail account gives you entry to all the core Google APPs like Google Hangouts, Sheets, Keep, Calendar, and Drive, etc., G Suite grants you access to many more advanced features of these APPs for your business.
  5. With G Suite, it’s not required for team members to manually share files and information. You may just show them to your staff and then store them away when they’re finished.

How to Import MBOX Files into G Suite Account?

MBOX Converter Wizard is the only program available that can perform such task. This software’s sole purpose is to ease the process of importing MBOX files into G Suite. Also as uncomplicated and hassle-free as possible for users who do not make use of Thunderbird or any other client. It is quite dependable, since it guarantees that the MBOX files’ original properties will be preserved after being imported.

It is remarkable how fast and painlessly your MBOX files can be imported to G Suite using this application. Even if you do not have a client that supports the importation of such files. Therefore, because here is where we will start, let’s talk about the actions that you need to take in order to run the application.

Instructions for Converting MBOX Files to G Suite in Detailed Step-by-Step Format

  1. You may get the software on any device that is compatible with Windows by downloading it. After that, you will need to install and execute it in order to instantly begin importing MBOX to G Suite.
  2. As soon as the software has finished loading, navigate to the Open menu. Then select the submenu item that corresponds to either Choose MBOX File or Choose MBOX Folder.
  3. You may then load your MBOX files into the software by navigating to where they are stored.
  4. After selecting MBOX files, you will be able to preview of those files in the left panel of the software.
  5. Clicking on the Export tab. Then choose G Suite as the destination for your export is the next step.
  6. After entering your credentials for the G Suite, click the Save option to import MBOX files into g Suite.

In order to help you gain a better sense of the program’s capabilities, we will now walk you through a few of the tasks involved in using it. You should read the arguments that were listed below if you want to have a complete understanding of why our MBOX file to G Suite converter is the ideal solution for you.

Discover the Many Capabilities Offered by the Program Here

  1. You have the option to “Choose Folder” or “Choose Files”. When it comes to adding information to the software; consequently, select the plan that caters to your requirements regarding file storage the most effectively.
  2. Because of the way the application is constructed, you are able to import many MBOX files into G Suite at the same time, which will save you a significant amount of time.
  3. Transferring your MBOX files allows you to keep all of the photos and metadata associated with them.
  4. It saves the original data that was utilised throughout the conversion process in order to allow the recipient of the email to be verified.
  5. In addition to G Suite; it can import MBOX to Exchange, Outlook and other alternatives as well.
  6. It provides you with a preview of your MBOX files. So that you may evaluate the data included inside them in a more expedient manner.
  7. You have the option to save the output files in any location you choose on your device,. You can find that option in the options for the software.
  8. During the transformation, it is responsible for ensuring that all email attributes are preserved in their original state.


You were shown the finest alternative possible by our tutorial that walked you through how to import MBOX files into G Suite. With the assistance of a specialised program, you will have the ability to import MBOX to G Suite. It is a really useful program that considers what you require in order to function well. When you’re not using Thunderbird, it works flawlessly with any device, and it comes filled with wonderful alternatives for saving emails when transferring from MBOX to G Suite. In addition, it’s packed with amazing possibilities. There is nothing further to do but test out the functionality of this apparatus on your own.

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