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How You Can Get a Master’s In One Year

If getting a master’s is something you have been trying to achieve, perhaps for yourself or even for your career, then why not set about getting it in a year? A master’s has not been done over a few years, and it does not have to fit in with other commitments. It can be your main commitment. This may sound impossible, but with planning and with the correct program, you can find that it is very much a reality.

Start Focusing Your Attention and Effort

Before going any further, you are going to need to start focusing your attention and effort on what a master’s means to you. Also, consider why getting one in a year would benefit you. When you focus your attention and effort, you can see what can be achieved in a short time and how much of your potential you can unlock. If you do not focus your attention and effort levels, you may sell yourself short and overstretching your timeframe.

Having a Vision

A vision is important when working towards a master’s degree, especially when working towards a shorter timescale, such as a year. Without a vision, you will lose the dedication and focus that you once had. A vision that encompasses what you are studying, why, and when will help you to realize your goal and ambition. Your vision will give you the drive and determination to keep pushing forwards (even when you don’t feel like it).

Choose the Right Program

You are not going to realize your goal if you are studying the wrong program. To succeed within your year timeframe, you will have to look for advanced programs that interest you and spark your desire to learn and grow. Of course, without this spark, you will falter. For instance, you can get an MSW degree in 1 year to help you get a career in social work, or you can look at other areas in leadership, or perhaps in other areas. Choosing the right program gives you control, and this is what you need, especially when you are studying for such a restricted amount of time.

Flexible Studying Online

To obtain your master’s within a year, you are going to have to study online. Trying to attend a physical campus regularly is not going to be feasible. You may even find that it ends up draining you (emotionally and mentally) too. When you study online, you can have more control over when you study, and over where you study. Your master’s is about you, and it is about getting what you want, and if you can do this from the comfort of your home, then why wouldn’t you?

To get your master’s, to thrive and enjoy the process, you will have to carve out time to study. Time will not just fall into your lap, and it is going to have to be created. If you do not make compromises when you are studying, your timescale and deadline will end up looking further and further away.

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