How To Pick A Piano Instructor

Having decided that you are ready to learn how to play the piano, you are unsure of where to begin. My advice is to unquestionably make a teacher an investment. It will be much simpler if you have an excellent tutor from the beginning of your adventure. Under the guidance of a teacher, you’ll not only advance more quickly, but you’ll also have someone to help you and respond to any of your inquiries. It’s crucial to know how to pick a teacher based on where you are in your piano playing because you will probably have a few over the years.

Determine What You Want To Learn

Many pianists make mistakes while selecting a piano teacher at this stage. Before choosing a teacher, you should have a clear notion of the type of music you want to learn. You need to know whether your teacher can assist you with that genre of music in addition to discussing this during your classes. The finest piano teacher for you won’t be a classical pianist unless your goal is to become a jazz pianist who performs all over the world. Perhaps you’ll need to hunt around for piano instructors at other organizations and perhaps ask nearby jazz artists whether they do.

Educator Style

Because everyone’s attention spans vary, you need a teacher who can accommodate this. Maybe you’re looking for a piano instructor for your fidgety kid who can only endure 20-minute lessons. Perhaps you have a child who is really concentrated and demands a full 60 minutes of training. Whatever the case, your piano teacher needs to be flexible—not just in terms of when they offer lessons, but also in terms of how much they charge. Hire a teacher that will charge you the same amount of money for each lesson, no matter how long they are.

Think of a teacher who can teach in a variety of ways as well. To make lessons interesting for children, teachers should be willing to incorporate games and enjoyable activities. Since 90% of playing the piano is mental, it’s not always about striking the notes. Whether teaching children or adults, good teachers come up with innovative strategies to help their pupils grow.

Know the Strengths of Your Teachers

Every piano teacher has a particular style of music that they are good at teaching, therefore it’s critical to understand what those are. Maybe you’re super pleased with your classical teacher, but they don’t know anything about Haydn or Mozart’s repertoire. Perhaps you have a fantastic gospel piano teacher who is unable to read music notation. Even the difference between professors who can help you with ear training and those who lack a strong theoretical foundation can be important. Make a list of the total music knowledge you want to gain from your teacher in addition to the repertoire.

View A Sample piano 

Did you know that most piano teachers provide free trials? Everyone should pay attention in the first lesson because that is when the piano teacher wants to leave the best possible impression on the student. Bring some predetermined objectives to the lesson and observe how things turn out. The teacher will typically charge you for the first lesson, I will admit that. You must keep in mind that you are wasting their time, and that time is money. However, these demo lessons typically have a return policy built-in; be sure to check the lesson policy for that.

A good piano lesson is expensive.

I generally advise spending a minimum of $40 on high-quality piano lessons. Although you won’t receive an all-knowing teacher for this price, you will undoubtedly get someone who is very helpful and can appropriately assist you.

Stay away from the music store teachers

I started taking lessons when I was a child in an elderly woman’s home before moving on to a music shop. If I said the lessons I received in the private home weren’t more beneficial, I’d be lying. It makes sense that a piano business would draw the best instructors, and this is often the case. The important thing to keep in mind is that music retailers only really want to sell you a pricey piano.

Fortunately, my piano store teacher understood that I needed the greatest assistance possible. In order for me to play the large grand pianos instead of the old uprights in the back rooms, she would bring me out to the showroom floor of the shop.

How To Find A Teacher Immediately

Finding a piano teacher could seem difficult, but it’s not if you have a few options at your disposal. Of course, scheduling a session with me would be my first piece of advice. Even if you don’t live in Naples, Florida, you can still book a class with me because I do virtual lessons over Skype. You’re also invited to sign up for private lessons from me in which I walk you through the steps, offer thorough advice, and break down the piece for you. 


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