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How to Manage Dedicated Developers in an Android App Development Company

Managing the team is the next significant difficulty, assuming you have previously navigated the complex process of identifying and recruiting a skilled Android app development team in India. But if done correctly, It may provide impressive results since hiring Android developers to work for you is a bonus due to all the skills and knowledge they offer.  

If you have found your way here, you seek advice on creating an organizational structure for application development and effectively managing them while using all the advantages of the remote product. We spoke with several of our project managers with extensive expertise and are experts at leading an offshore Android team as an Android app development company. Here is what they advised to assist you in making sound management decisions. Let’s start now.

How to Manage a Specialized App Development Team Efficiently

  • State Your Expectations Clearly

It will be simpler for your team to work together, meet, and surpass your standards if your expectations are stated and transparent. But more importantly, you must set realistic, attainable goals since vague expectations will only lead to misunderstandings and confusion among your loyal Android engineers. You run the danger of your project’s progress failing short in such a scenario. So be careful to state your expectations clearly. How to do it is as follows:

Before expressing your expectations, write them down, discuss them with your close friends, and get their advice. Making it in writing will enable you to evaluate, edit, and analyze it at a later time. The project managers at our Android studio have advised that you set the following examples of expectations.

  • Work should be completed on schedule.
  • Reporting at the beginning and end of the day with a list of the day’s tasks
  • Once every three days, code pushing.
  • If there are any things that could be more consistent in the job, inform the crew.

Make sure your staff is aware of and understands your expectations by thoroughly outlining them. Share the project’s scope with them as well, and urge them to put in a lot of effort to meet these objectives before the deadline.

  • Practice Honesty and transparency.

Establish a culture that values transparency and Honesty. Thankfully, we have an open culture where everyone is encouraged to stand out for what is right and get answers to an apparent issue. In other organizations, it is considered inappropriate to disagree with the higher management, even if they are incorrect in certain regards.

Adopt transparency and Honesty, include constructive criticism in the app development process, and create a secure atmosphere focused on finding solutions.

  • Arrange Meetings

Keep in mind that everyone works remotely, so respect your developer’s schedule and arrange meetings in advance. Avoid pressuring your developers to attend brief meetings since these often morph into lengthy ones.

Make sure to arrange a meeting with your whole committed software development team once each week. This will facilitate team building and keep you and your group updated on the status of the whole project.

  • Use Appropriate Language While Communicating

No matter how severe the issue is, effective communication is essential. Communication is the sole driving force in distant associations; there are no casual talks to assess stress levels or lunchtime to find out what’s happening, for example, on the designing level. As a result, your app development team needs a virtual environment where they may communicate.

To simplify their work, try adopting efficient project management and communication solutions. Remember that many tools are on the market; your task is to choose the best one for your team and provide a helping hand.

Ensure that your directions are followed precisely as you intended. For instance, crucial guidelines on how to leverage Android frameworks and include APIs. To ensure that your team has gotten the message correctly or not, repeat essential instructions and ask your devoted Android developers to affirm by outlining what they comprehend.

Remember to communicate with your professional UI/UX designer or Android app developer on a regular basis and ask them how they feel about the development or if they have any recommendations. Making them feel valued will inspire them to work harder to accomplish their objectives.   

  • Promote a Culture of Feedback

A feedback-based culture will go a long way in assisting you. Regularly provide feedback to your team and vice versa. This will assist you in creating a setting that is goal-and result-based. Giving them feedback on even the slightest details will help them feel like someone is keeping an eye on them and will keep them focused on their objectives.

Additionally, it is preferable to provide comments in person rather than through text since text messages sometimes give rise to misconceptions. As much as you can, avoid it.

  • Make a Strict Reporting Framework Possible

A structured reporting system and team control coexist—request status updates from your team at the beginning and conclusion of each day. In addition, I ask that your team give a list of the tasks they will do that day.

This will also assist them in prioritizing their work and making their objectives clear. Additionally, as an Android app development firm, we want daily reports from our developers.

At the end of the day, our Android team of developers even gives a comparison report outlining whether they finished all of the things they had intended to undertake the previous morning or details on any additional jobs they took on.

  • Show Them Your Appreciation

That’s not all; after they provide you with the specifics of their job and report at the end of the day, verify it, and show them you’re appreciation if they completed all the tasks on their list or took on an urgent duty and sacrificed their day.

A culture of gratitude and positive reinforcement will motivate them to perform effectively for you and provide the most excellent Android solution possible. Awards and recognition will undoubtedly encourage them to strive even harder.  

Last Word

As an Android app development firm with a staff of more than 30 Android developers, what we do is designate a Project manager to oversee the workflow of each Android project. The project manager’s job is to assign tasks, monitor progress, and plan out the whole product development process.

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