How to Make Your Custom Sleeve Boxes Stand Out

The sleeve boxes lately have been soaring in popularity, surpassing a majority of other packaging options as the hot favorites. One among the many reasons why we see these boxes a lot today is that they have a simple, and yet practical structure. The custom packaging sleeves essentially comprise of just two major components. A basic try which holds the product, and a sliding sleeve that covers, and uncovers the product placed in the tray. This gives you the structure that resembles a drawer which can be opened and closed effortlessly.

The custom sleeve boxes because of their versatility, all in one design can hold as many types of products as you can imagine. They can carry anything and that too in style. It is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, feasibility, affordability, and ease of use thus providing your customers with an unforgettable, cherish able branding and box opening experience. These custom sleeve boxes, immensely add to the value of your product and give your brand an air of a luxury brand without having to spend a lot on packaging. In short, if you are looking for an all-rounder custom box, a sleeve box is certainly your pick. Let us now have a look at how you can enhance the innate beauty and feasibility of the sleeve boxes and make them look unique, presentable and perfectly suited to your own needs. 

For some Extra Bit of Attention, Try the ‘Extras’ in Printing

If you are to make your mark in the retail packaging and uplift your brand’s image as a premium brand, don’t hesitate to try the advanced, extra printing options almost every packaging company offers some additional printing features which you can customize according to your taste and bring about some novelty in your sleeve boxes. For example, you can get your logo embossed on your sleeve boxes to get it firmly engraved in our audience’s memory, making it easily recognizable. 

Or else, go for the raised ink. It will help you stand ‘out’ literally and outshine your competitors. Or grab the attention of your potential customers through spot UV and gold or silver foiling.  No matter which one of the extra printing techniques you go for, do not compromise on the basics. Above all, make sure that your packaging company is using the highest quality inks and the most advanced printing equipment to keep you in line with the prevailing trends. Besides, while you put your imagination to practical use on the sleeve of your sleeve boxes, keep the specific demographic data of your target audience in mind. Even the colors your brand would wear and the font your logo would be made of should reflect the represent the overall persona of your audience. 

Try Some Innovation in Box Design

Try to be a step ahead of others and be the trend setter instead of being just a trend follower. Some innovation in box design will bring that much needed novelty in the overall appearance of your boxes which would help you get noticed. For example, try adding one or multiple windows in your boxes. it not only makes your boxes more presentable but also adds to the convenience for the customer. The product becomes readily visible and there isn’t a need to unpack it every time the customer wants to have a look at it. Besides, this also enhances the chances of sales for the product as compared to the similar product packed in the boxes without windows. 

Similarly, you can also go for some novel looking handles attached to the main container. It helps easy opening for the box. Besides, it also makes the custom made boxes more presentable. For example, you get a small ribbon attach to the tray. Or else, you can go for tiny rope handles or a small knob to hold onto for easily sliding the box open. The possibilities are innumerable. The key is to make your packaging easily recognizable for your audience by helping it stand out on a retail shelf. 

Pay Attention to the Quality of Final Coating

The custom sleeve boxes without a premium coating are a wastage of resources. They cannot give your brand an elite image. You might think of it as an additional packaging cost. However, it is actually an investment which is worth every penny. A final finishing adds to the value of your packaging and hence to the product as well. It provides your customers with a fulfilling box opening experience. Moreover, it protects the printed text from wearing off and gives the box an extra bit of strength. Particularly, when you are using the sleeve boxes for a purpose which asks for a better presentation, a final coating is a must. For example, when using them as favor boxes, gift boxes, or Christmas boxes etc. you cannot do without a stunning presentation provided by well finished boxes. 

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