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How to draw a magnolia flower

How to draw a magnolia flower

For fans of gorgeous flowers, there is an endless assortment of options. Whether you prefer the boldness of a rose or the elegance of a lily, there is something for everyone

The magnolia flower falls somewhere between these two extremes as it has a great structure with wonderfully subtle colors and elements. For this reason, people love to feature them in artwork and learning how to draw a magnolia flower will allow you to do that too.

Be certain to read every step of this manual to notice how you can This step-by-step guide on how to draw a magnolia flower will show you how fun and easy it can be to do so.

How to draw a magnolia flower

Step 1:

In this rather part 1: of our focus on how to draw a magnolia flower, we will start with the stem and the first leaves of the flower. You can draw the stem with a thick, jagged line that forms an acute angle like the stem in our reference image.

Then you can draw the first leaf sticking out from the bottom of the flower. The knife will have a wild round outline with a sharp tip. You can then draw line details on the inward edges and then draw a midrib for the leaf.

Finally, for this step, draw two large rounded petals on this sheet. The last thing to draw will be two more leaves on the right side.

Step 2:

You intention draw the remainder of the foremost bloom on your magnolia flower pulling in the following action. This will be built on top of the petals you drew in the previous step.This flower is made up of multiple layers of petals, so try to build on the individual petals you see in the reference image to create the first full flower.

Once you’ve removed this rather flower, we can carry on to the leaves you drew in the previous stage. Just add  some more line details on the sheets, then you’re ready to move on to step 3!

Step 3:

Continuing with this guide on how to draw a magnolia flower, we will add a few more leaves on a stem. These sheets will be longer and thinner than most of the other sheets you’ve drawn so far in this guide. Different than those points, they will examine the exact! All of these leaves will connect to a central stem that extends from the top of the flower head.

This element won’t be super visible, but it will be drawn with the same thick, bumpy line you used for the main stem. Finally, start drawing another stem that also sticks out, but try to keep it short because we’ll be adding a flower to it soon.

Step 4:

This magnolia flower drawing is already stunning! For this step and the next, we’ll add a few more flowers to the image to complete it. For directly, we’ll add a bloom to the temporary branch you outlined in the previous stage.

This one choice also have a rare leaves at the bottom and coatings of petals, but it will be faster and lighter than the different buds. He will then move on to the final details in the next step!

Step 5:

To complete the drawing of this guide on how to draw a magnolia blossom, we will finish it by adding one more flower to the stem. This choice qualify you to embellish your lovely picture in the last stage! For now, draw one more flower on the main stem.

This one will also look a little different from the first flower you drew, as it’s at a different angle than that one. This flower is almost as large as the first, but it will be more rounded if viewed from the side. This also means we won’t be able to see inside it.

Once you have drawn this flower, do not hesitate to add your background elements or your ideas to finish it and give it your touch.

Step 6:

We said in the opening that this bud has a wonderfully subtle shade. That’s what we’ve done in our example image for this magnolia flower arrangement. This means we use soft yellows for the flower petals and then use greens for the leaves and stems. Cat drawing

If you like this color scheme, be sure to use it for your image! You can also incorporate your unique colors if you prefer. It can also be fun to experiment with various art tools and mediums, so have fun getting creative with them!

 4 more ways to make your magnolia flower design unique

Make your beautiful magnolia flower sketch even more beautiful with these 4 tips! This drawing of a magnolia flower shows a small bouquet of these beautiful flowers. If that’s not enough for you, you can add a few of these flowers to this branch!

Now that you know how to draw this flower, you can add as many as you want. When adding a few more, try to incorporate small changes so that each is unique. How many magnolia blossoms do you think she would like to add to this image?

If you want to add more blooms, you don’t have to stick with magnolias. You can add all the flowers you want! The flowers you add could grow around the magnolia blossoms. Or, you can pull the magnolia blossoms off the branch and have them as part of a flower arrangement or bouquet. The flowers you add will depend on what you prefer!

If you need help drawing those extra flowers, you can search for pictures online to help you. Whether or not you add more flowers to your magnolia flower design, it would be great to add a background. What that background would be is up to you!

For example, magnolia flowers might grow in a lush garden. Maybe you have a place near you that you could use for inspiration. Or, they could be part of a wedding floral arrangement.

What other horizons could you represent?

Flowers are a wonderful thing to behold, so adding some human character to this magnolia blossom sketch could be a great way to finish it off. For example, this character could enjoy the wonderful scent of the flower.

If you were to add a character, basing it on someone you know would be a great way to personalize this image. You could even use yourself as a model for this character! Who do you think you would like to add and what kind of pose would they be in?

Your magnolia flower drawing is complete!

You’ve reached the end of our guide on how to draw a magnolia flower! It’s easy to see why this is such a beloved flower around the world, and we hope you had a great time creating this design with us. By following the steps in this guide, you should have no problem recreating this amazing flower!

When you’re done, you can also add your details and elements. We mentioned how you can change some details or add a background, but now you can also choose your ideas! We will be very interested to see what you come up with.

Don’t forget to visit our website for more drawing guides like this when you’re done! We also have more coming soon, so keep an eye out for them. You can also show us your magnolia flower drawing when it’s finished by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We would love to see your creations!

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