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How To Choose The Most Effective Massage Chairs for Seniors

Massages are an excellent method to alleviate the pains and discomforts that are common in the aging process. Since the majority of people don’t get the pleasure of visiting the spa or receiving massages on a regular basis, a home massage chair is an excellent option. This article is going to explain that How To Choose The Most Effective Massage Chairs for Seniors?

Massage chairs may seem like an extravagant and unnecessary purchase, however they bring significant health benefits. For example, massage chairs could help increase flexibility, alleviate muscles that are strained and reduce stress perception

The best massage chair isn’t only about choosing one that’s cheap, but it’s about finding one that’s right for you, is secure and comfortable to use. This article will help you be aware of to choose the right massage chair for you.

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How do Massage Chairs Perform?

Massage chairs replicate the motion and pressure of the hands of a massage therapist and provide the sensation of vibration, kneading or other types of massage such as the shiatsu (which is like Acupressure) to ease aching muscles.

“Most massage chairs are simple and consist of a basic motor that powers the vibration,” says Brittany Ferri, Ph.D. an occupational therapist from Rochester, New York. “In the massage chair that provide relief of more than one area that the human body is, it’s common to have an element that spins as well. The spinning components make that vibrating.” The primary part of a massager has the spinning element, but some of the top models have additional spinning components, like an ottoman, which can provide greater advantages. “The vibration is the part that creates a massage effect, so more is usually better,” she says.

A study scheduled for 2020 of Medicine examined the results on a massage chair as compared to physiotherapy for 56 patients suffering from lower back problems. While physiotherapy helped with pain management and disability than massage, the chair showed promise as a method for pain management [11.

The health benefits of Massage Chairs for seniors

The most significant benefits to health from massage chairs is that it can assist in making your muscles more flexible. “As we age, we become less flexible–the muscles lose their elasticity,” says Theresa Marko, a doctor of physical therapy and Board-certified orthoclinical specialist (OCS) and the owner of Marko Physical Therapy in New York City. “Having your muscles worked on through massage can help maintain this elasticity and, ultimately, joint mobility.”

Other health benefits that could be derived from using a massage chair according to Ferri and others, include:

  • Reduction in muscle tension.
  • Increased recovery of muscles and removal of lactic acid following exercising. (Lactic acid accumulates in muscles during exercise. As we age, it’s more difficult to remove the lactic acid by itself.)
  • Increased elimination of toxins through increasing the lymphatic system.
  • Relaxation of tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Increased energy levels.

How Much Does Massage Chairs Cost?

The prices for massage chairs can vary significantly. It is possible to purchase one for $500-$800, however they typically cost between $1,000 and $10,000.

The more expensive models usually come with extra features, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a high-quality massage chair at a cheaper price. Cheap massage chairs are typically recliners that have massage functions. Some have features like heat or the power lift feature. In contrast, mid-range chairs typically offer full body massage using airbags, rollers and various massage settings and massage programs. When you buy a premium chair, you can expect features such as zero-gravity features, Bluetooth speaker connectivity and special massage programs that target your body’s needs from top to the toe.

What will insurance cover?

The problem is that insurance generally doesn’t cover the cost of a massage chair. “Insurance coverage is usually appropriate for items that you need a prescription for,” Ferri says. Ferri who has never had an insurance company pay for the price of a massage table. “There’s no prescription required for massage chairs, so insurance reimbursement is not likely.”

If your physician recommends a massage chair for treatment to treat chronic pain, you should talk to your insurance company regarding the possibility of covering at least a part of the cost for the chair Ferri says. Ferri. It’s worth speaking with your doctor and insurance provider about reimbursement alternatives.

Where can I buy Massage Chairs

Massage chairs can be found in various retailers across the nation and on the internet. Retailers like Target, Home Depot, Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Mattress Firm and Best Buy, to name some, have massage chairs. Additionally, you can check websites such as Overstock and Wayfair for prices on top-quality models.

What should you consider prior to purchasing the Most Effective Massage Chairs for Seniors

There are many aspects to consider before buying an ergonomic massage chair.

Health Conditions

People with certain health issues are advised to avoid massage chairs, experts advise. Some may require an easy setting. Consult your physician prior to buying the massage chair.

Seniors suffering from bruises, fractures or muscle strains should not utilize massage chairs, according to Ferri. The vibrations could cause the inflammation and cause discomfort.

For those who suffer from osteoporosis Marko suggests be cautious when using massage chairs. A high intensity “could cause damage to the spine or vertebrae since they will be compressing all their weight against the back of the chair and perhaps reclining to lay on it,” she warns.

Seniors taking blood thinners must also consider using gentle massage settings in their chairs Marko suggests. Marko because they’re more prone to get bruised and to be bleed.

Additionally, people who suffer from neuropathy and diabetes in their feet and lower legs should be particularly cautious with massage chairs since they might not be able to tell the intensity of the massage. intensive on their legs.

People who have the previous history of blood clots be extra cautious and talk with their physician prior to purchasing massage chairs, advises Ferri.

Your Pain Zones

Before purchasing a massage chair think about the kind of pain you’re hoping to ease. “If you’re buying a massage chair specifically for lower back pain, ensure it works well for that purpose,” Ferri. Ferri. “Some are also designed to massage the neck and include legs that can massage lower legs as well. If you’re in search of chairs that ease more all-encompassing pain, be sure that it covers all the areas that you need.”

Ferri recommends that you try a massage chair on your own before purchasing it. This lets you determine how it will fit your body exactly how you’d like it to. Also, it can help you decide what you prefer, a more gentle or more firmer massage.


There are massage chairs that cost a lot Don’t get by the notion that you must pay more than $4,000 to get the best one. Find the right massage chair for to your financial budget. However, you must be honest about the amount you plan to spend. You’re unlikely to get a massage chair for less than $700.


The dimension of your chair is essential. It should fit within your living space and you should be able to step into and out of your chair in a safe and comfortable manner by yourself. Consider:

  • Dimensions. Many massage chairs can be very large that take up more space than a standard recliner. “Take measurements and ensure it can fit comfortably in your home near an outlet,” Ferri advises. Ferri.
  • The height, the depth, and cushions. “If it’s a low chair with soft cushioning, it will be hard for some seniors to get out of it,” Marko says. Marko.
  • Positions for recline. It isn’t easy to climb in or out of chairs that has an incline. It is better to Marko advises searching for straight chairs that with the ability to recline when needed.
  • accessibility. A chair designed specifically for older adults could be an ideal choice, according to Marko. You should think about armrests for security and balance and an armchair equipped with a lift mechanism that makes standing easy.

Intensity of Massage and Massage

“Lighter pressure is recommended over medium or firm since older adults have less active muscle tissue,” Ferri says. Ferri.

In terms of the types of massages that are concerned, Marko suggests shiatsu massage for older people. It’s similar to Acupressure and superior to vibration on its own. The person who uses the massage chair must be aware of the type of massage they’re looking to get and what level of intensity they’d like to achieve.

Special Features

Additional features that may be useful are:

  • Remote controls. A remote control is especially useful for older people because it permits them to alter the settings for their massage chair without difficulty while sitting still.
  • A heating alternative. It may be tempting to choose the massage chair that has heated points all along the entire length of the seat, however Marko warns seniors to be aware of this feature. “The skin becomes thinner and more prone to breakdown, so sustaining a burn might be easier if they had the heat on too long,” she adds. “If you do get a heat option, make sure it comes with an auto-shutoff function.”
  • Reclining is an choice. Reclining can be soothing, which makes the chair more comfortable.

Two aspects seniors could be able to steer clear of are:

  • Zero Gravity. This reclining chair feature allows you to suspend your body in a an upright position, in which your feet are raised in line to your heart. “I would not recommend zero gravity for seniors, as the most struggle with balance and possibly vertigo,” Marko says. Marko. “It might make them feel dizzy.”
  • Chairs that invert. Inversion massage chairs have a recline that is more than horizontal, allowing the body to be tilted upside down. Although inversion chairs are beneficial for back pain However, they shouldn’t be used by elderly people due to the possibility of increasing blood pressure, according to Ferri.


If an elderly person doesn’t have a caregiver who can assist them in installing an exercise chair in your home, it’s best to buy it from a shop who will deliver the chair and then install it. This may be extra cost, but as massage chairs are huge and heavy and heavy, they’re usually required.

Warranty Options

Make sure you get warranties that last for several years, particularly in the case of an expensive chair. Massage chairs aren’t invulnerable to breakingand replacing them is expensive.

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