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How to choose the correct foundation shade according to your skin tone

The foundation helps us to cover up the flaws on our skin; the key to flawless makeup is a perfect base. If you choose the wrong shade for your foundation, applying makeup can be a nightmare. These are some of the things that make you nervous and lower your level of self-assurance. No one wants to ruin their day and look miserable in photographs.

However, when selecting the ideal brand for you, it is also essential to consider other facts. Because no one wants to compromise their style or appearance when it comes to makeup products, Revolution Beauty London is the best foundation brand available, offering coverage in various shades and the best results; you can use the revolution discount code to get fantastic discounts on their website.

Therefore, let’s discuss some essential details about selecting a foundation shade.

Why is it necessary to choose the correct foundation shade?

When buying foundation, one thing to remember is to check foundation shade by applying swatches on the face towards the neck. The best foundation for you is the kind that almost blends into your skin. Also, choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone rather than darker because the foundation tends to become darker as it oxidizes throughout the day. If the correct shade of foundation is not chosen, your face looks different from your neck, your makeup turns grey, and the foundation makes you look like a portable lamp.

Choosing foundation according to skin type:

There are three types of skin oily, dry and combination. Therefore, it is essential to choose the foundation that not only matches your tone but also that matches your skin type as well. Otherwise, you will end up cracking up your foundation, or your foundation will become patchy.

Oily skin:

If you have oily skin, it is essential to use powder, and the type of foundation you will use does not have oil-based serums; otherwise, it will not stay on your skin.

Dry skin:

If you have dry, rough skin, you can use the foundation containing moisturizers; it will give a glow to your skin all day. Avoid wearing matte foundations.

Combination skin:

You can use a liquid-based foundation for this type of skin; afterwards, you can use powder on the areas where your face produces the most oil.

Choosing the right foundation coverage:

You can use different foundation coverage depending on the event you are attending; there are three types of foundation coverage you can use accordingly.

Light coverage

If you have clear skin having no scars, dark circles, blemishes, or acne, then a light-coverage foundation is the best for you. Take a small amount of it, spread it evenly on the face, and then blend it correctly onto the skin; it will give a great glow to your face.

Medium coverage:

If you have an uneven skin tone, go for the medium coverage foundation, as it best suits your skin.

Full coverage:

This foundation is generally used at weddings or events where you can’t give yourself mid-day touch-ups. Also, if you have acne-prone skin and blemishes or scars, choose a full-coverage foundation; it will provide you with the best result.

Other ways to choose foundation shades:

If you still need clarification in choosing the proper foundation, dont worry; we have got you; following are the steps you can consider if you have trouble.

Determining your undertone:

There are three types of undertones;

  • Warm tone (veins on your wrist are green)
  • Cool tone (veins on your wrist are blue)
  • Neutral tone (veins on your wrist are a mix of green, blue and purple)

After determining your undertone, if you have a warm undertone, go for the shade; with yellow undertones, if you have a cool undertone choose the shades that have a pink tone to them. And for the neutral undertone, go for the shade with a mixed tone of both undertones.

Try using virtual tools:

Various makeup brand websites now provide their customers with virtual try-on tools to get help in foundation shade selection. In addition, several brands have created virtual tools like NYX cosmetics, MAC, Ulta beauty and more.

Foundation mix and match:

If you feel like you have bought a darker foundation, you can always mix it with the light colour and make it the shade of your skin tone, or you can buy one darker and one lighter shade and then can mic it accordingly.

Tanning test:

Most people who travel a lot get a sun tan, making it difficult to choose the proper shade foundation. Well, you can do the tanning test; if your skin gets red in the sun, it means you have a cool undertone, and if your skin turns brown, it means you have a warm undertone. This way, you can decide on the correct shade, and your foundation will not turn grey.

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