How to Choose the Best Modular Cold Room?

If you are related to the food or pharmaceutical business, you will know the requirement for reliable cold storage. Cold storage is a dire need for all food businesses to keep their products, raw materials, and other merchandise at a low and constant temperature. Keeping the items in cold storage will reduce the growth of bacteria while maximizing their freshness. Cold storage also prevents from spreading of diseases that may contain in the raw material and other items such as vegetables and fruits. Investing in a modular cold room will also save your products from deteriorating and delay the decaying process. 

Selecting the walk in fridge is a long-term investment. That is why you cannot afford to buy the wrong one. A modular cold room can differ from other cold rooms in terms of features, capacity, size, insulation, and design. It is a must-have for your business to opt for a suitable modular cold room as its functionality can directly impact your product quality. Moreover, buying the appropriate cold room can prove cost-effective and reliable for your business. Remember that even though all cold rooms have similar functionality but not all of them are suitable for every business need. Every business venture has its requirements and needs cold storage with different specifications. 

Why do you need to invest in cold storage? 

The most common use of the cold room is in food businesses. Food meals are more often the most perishable items. Almost all food items require an appropriate temperature to keep them from spoiling. Modular cold rooms use panels to keep all the food items organized. The insulation material of modular cold rooms is easy to clean. A regular fill-sized fridge is not appropriate to use for your commercial business. The less size and capacity of the residential fridge can hinder your business functionality. Modular cold rooms are the most suitable if you are working as a large-scale business. Moreover, modular cold rooms are easy to install and give you a long list of temperature ranges. 

It is better to purchase a modular cold room after contemplating all of your business requirements. Keep an eye on several factors while buying the ideal modular cold room for your business. Below is an expert guide to help you choose the best modular cold room. This guide will help you understand the different specifications and needed features for your business requirements. 

Determine the minimum space for your cold room:   

Before you purchase your favorite cold room setup for your business, you need to consider how much space you have available. Your business will tell you how much space you need in your cold room. It is essential to ensure to install a cold room that has an optimal size for your business. You can choose from the size range of small, medium, and large and opt for the one appropriate for your business. 

Consider the temperature range you need for your products:   

Another needed feature in your cold rooms is the temperature range. Your raw materials need an appropriate temperature range for safe storage. You can choose from high to medium temperature ranges of modular cold storage. Know that not all items will require a specific temperature range for storage. Consider the temperature best for your food storage and then invest in the appliance accordingly. 

Is your cold room energy-efficient and sustainable?   

One of the most significant factors while purchasing any modular cold room is to determine how much energy units it will consume. Your cold room will be running 24/7 because of working at the commercial scale. Buying a cold room that consumes a high energy rate can result in a loss for your business. You need to invest in a cold room that can prove energy-efficient and keep the temperature stable for a long time. Moreover, consuming fewer energy units will also prove green for the environment. 

Determine the cold storage options and temperature ranges:   

The cold storage options are another factor to consider while buying a modular cold room. The cold storage options will differ according to your need. Below are some options you can find in modular cold rooms.

Blast freezing chamber: 

It is one of the coldest chambers in cold rooms. The temperature range in this chamber is -35°C to -45 °C.

Frozen storage chamber: 

This chamber will keep frozen products. The temperature range of this chamber is -18°C to -24 °C.

Cold storage chamber: 

This chamber will keep the products chilled. The temperature range is -1°C to 8 °C.   

Check for panels and insulation in the modular cold room:   

You need quality insulation in the modular cold room to keep the temperature stable inside the cold room. The modular cold room panels should be durable, lightweight, and the ones that have thermal insulation. Polyurethane panels are more energy-efficient than others.

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