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How to Become a Successful Blogger

If you have a great passion and would like to create something of your own online you will be considering becoming a blogger and trying to earn something like so many do today.

Creating a successful blog is one of the many ways to start your own business, supplement your salary, or give vent to creativity. There are those who earn their living with their blog (the various fashion bloggers and influencers) or those who are professional bloggers writing for others.

In this guide, you will find out what a blogger is and what it does, how to become a blogger, and what are the possibilities (income, work, etc.). Let’s be honest: opening a personal (or corporate) blog is a piece of cake and by following this path to the end you will be able to create a website with your own hands.

The bad news, however, is that the road to blogging is not that easy. There is a lot to learn, and there are courses for bloggers that could help (find them at the bottom).

What is and what a Blogger does?

The blogger is the one who blogs, that is, who writes on a blog. It can be a professional, such as a copywriter or a web writer, or an ordinary person.

In the first case, the blogger creates content for positioning on the search engines of a corporate or personal blog. The blog, in fact, is a very interesting tool in an SEO and web marketing campaign.

In the second case, the blogger may be an aspiring “digital entrepreneur” looking for a tool to make money online. Thanks to blog write for us business, in fact, many people are able to monetize their passion and make a certain amount of How to become a blogger

This is no joke: the way to become a blogger is within everyone’s reach. Success, however, comes for the few.

This is true for most of the online jobs you can do from home, but especially for those who decide to start a blog and try to make money.

If, on the other hand, you plan to work as a blogger for third-party sites, as a freelance web writer or copywriter would do, the road is less complicated because usually the blog is ready and running, but you will still need a lot of practice to emerge.

You can always try both solutions. Many famous bloggers write on their websites, but they also create content for their customers. At first, however, creating your own blog can be a good workout, as well as a personal online showcase.

How to become a successful blogger

Do you have 30 minutes to become a blogger now?

All you need to do is follow these 5 steps to start your blog from scratch and start writing on your personal website.

To start building your blog, you need a small initial investment for the purchase of some key elements (hosting, theme, etc.). The total cost will depend on the products/services you choose to buy, but these are absolutely affordable figures.

There are solutions to open a website for free, but as we will see they are NOT professional at all. This creates huge limits to your growth as a blogger, and in 99% of cases, it will prevent you from earning even a few bucks.

Choose your niche and choose the blog name

Every famous blogger, from Chiara Ferragni ( fashion blogger ) to Salvatore Aranzulla, started their career starting from their passion.

Creating a successful blog means creating a container of resources (guides, video tutorials, tips, photos) that are of high value to the public. And for the editorial product to be valid, the blogger must:

  • Knowing what he writes;
  • To convey a certain passion for the subject.

For this reason, each blog starts by identifying a sector, a topic to be discussed ( travel, cooking, books, luxury, etc. ). According to IONOS, there are more than 500 million blogs today, a staggering number that forces new aspiring bloggers like you to do just one thing: specialize to stand out.

In an online world where competition is very high, you need to open a blog by identifying a niche. The topics for blogs are unlimited, and they are constantly being created.

How to choose a blogger niche?

To find a niche for blogging, you’ll need to do a little research. Match your skills with what you love to do, then try to see if there is a site that talks about the topics you would like to cover.

Ok, maybe creating a generic blog on telephony (smartphones, cell phones, etc.) and making money could be a very difficult undertaking given the competition …

But what if it were a travel blog, for example about how to live in San Francisco?

The more unique you are, the sooner you will be able to be found by your audience.

Also consider that if you want to generate the most traffic, the blogging niche will still have to be attractive to a reasonable number of people.

If the competition already exists (which is very likely), know that you will have to work hard to create better content and do a thorough SEO strategy for ranking.

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How to choose the name for the blog?

The domain name, or URL (, is a fundamental part of creating your blog:

  • it is the first impression that users have of your site (even before clicking);
  • is the address of the site, so it must be clear and recognizable;
  • it has an impact on SEO (even if Google sources often deny it), so entering a particular keyword might be spot on.
  • it can become a brand.

For these reasons, finding the right name can take the blogger some time. There are those who prefer a domain with a dry key or a long-tailed keyword and those who prefer a possible brandable name.

If you have trouble thinking of a good domain name try  Worldwide, a domain name generator tool that can provide bloggers with some ideas (it also supports the Italian language).

I wait to buy the domain on Wordoid, in fact, it offers only American services. Here we offer you a decidedly quality Italian solution, low cost, and impeccable service.  

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