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How Long Does RT PCR Test Take?

RT-PCR Test takes about two hours. The time it takes to reverse-transcribe RNA depends on the equipment used. The speed of the results depends on the automation level. Fast results are critical in identifying people with the disease, as they can reduce the spread of infectious agents. To help you understand how the process works, here are some standard terms you will need to know. The first acronym is RT.

The first type of RT-PCR is known as quantitative PCR. It is most commonly used for diagnostic and research purposes. This method can replicate both DNA and RNA. The other type is called Tth polymerase. The latter is more sensitive but less thermostable. Fluorescence-based RT-PCR is used in diagnostic tests. It is faster than Tth polymerase but requires more extended preparation and has more steps.

Is RT-PCR Test Require Sample of Blood?


In addition, RT-PCR test require a sample of blood. These samples may be obtained from a nasal swab or other body fluids. The model is then rotated for 15 seconds and sent to a lab for analysis. Depending on the type of specimen, results from this type of test can take several days or a few hours. The RT-PCR test is an essential diagnostic tool. The results are often available within a day or two of the patient submitting the sample.

The process of RT-PCR is relatively simple. A standard setup of RT-PCR is set up to cycle between different temperatures. During the PCR reaction, enzymes break down RNA into DNA. The process is repeated in this manner over again. Each cycle doubles the number that was generated from the previous cycle. A sample can create 35 billion copies of viral DNA during a single real-time RT-PCR.

High Quality Sample

RT-PCR results are essential for preventing the transmission of the virus. A high-quality sample will produce the best result. However, the test may not yield a viral infection in all patients. Some patients may have multiple viral infections, and the results can be challenging to interpret. The Ct value must be determined to determine if a patient is infected. If it is high enough, the test is positive. If the Ct value is low, the sample must be removed.

RT-PCR tests can be highly accurate and sensitive. In some cases, a test can provide results in a few hours. Other times, the test may take up to a week. If the virus is present in a large population, it is possible that it can be transmitted from one patient to another. The RT-PCR test can also detect HIV in patients at high risk for asymptomatic infection.

Accurate Diagnostic Tool

Real-time RT-PCR is a powerful and accurate diagnostic tool. In the past, it was expensive and took three days to determine the results. Today, many locations offer these tests, but most are not as accurate. In New Jersey, a clinic can obtain results in as little as 30 minutes. In contrast, a rapid-PCR test is not reliable. It can only be performed on samples that have been infected.


The RT-PCR machine cycles through temperatures to trigger chemical reactions. The RT-PCR machine can create thousands of new copies of viral DNA. It is the best method of detecting a virus. You’re ready for the next step when you have a positive result. A rapid test can diagnose the condition and provide the proper treatment if you have an infection. When you’re in doubt, an RT-PCR test can be used to test the disease.

Final Thoughts

A real-time PCR machine has high sensitivity and can give results within an hour. This enables it to be a quick, accurate diagnostic tool. Unlike other techniques, RT-PCR is sensitive and can provide results within an hour. It is also an excellent way to determine the viral load in an outbreak. It is the most effective way of determining the virus’s RNA.

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