How Does a Cartridge Filter Dust Collector Work?

The cartridge filter dust collectors are the specific dust collectors that are next-generation Bag filter type decollator. These use cartridge filters that are pleated for capturing the fine dust more effectively than filter bags. This cartridge filter dust collector has multiple advantages over other traditional dust collectors.

The Advantages and Forming Materials of The Cartridge Filter Duct Collector

Some of the advantages are the large filter space that is packed in smaller sizes; thus, it can easily reduce the overall size of the dust collectors. This can save you a lot in structural casing cost and use of a large area of the factory floor. These dust collectors usually are round in shape or other shapes, and they can capture dust located on the surface area.

The duct collection efficiency of the specially designed dust collectors can be up to 99.9%because they can collect submicron-sized dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. The design of the cartridge filter dust collector depends on the nature and the chemical properties of the dust that needs to be collected.

It also depends on the other qualities of the dust like physical properties, moisture content, temperature, and many more. Hence, these cartridge filter dust collectors have become a very popular choice for the industries.

These cartridge filters are usually made from a combination of cellulose and polyester. After that, the manufacturers apply several coatings on it. The nano-fiber coating can increase the efficiency of filtration. Also, the spun bond materials offer increased durability even in some harsh conditions.

Now, let us discuss how the cartridge filter dust collector works.

How Does a Cartridge Filter Dust Collector Work?

As the cartridge filter dust collectors are made of pleated material, they offer more area for the filtration process than the other filters. Like the other types of dust collectors, a cartridge filter dust collector uses a fan that can move the air and dust into the collector part, where the filters are located. This space is known as the Dirty Air Plenum.

The air then moves through those filters, while the particles and the dust stay on the outside area. The Clean Air Plenum is on the other side of the dust collector where the air that has already passed through the filters is collected. The metal sheet, through which the clean air passes, where those filters are usually sealed with the gaskets, is known as the Tube Sheet.

In some dust collectors, the cartridge filters go in horizontally while lying on the sides. A yoke made of metal usually supports them, and the gaskets seal those against the doors that are against the tube sheet and between the filters. That tube sheet is situated vertically in the rear part of the dust collector.

In a dust collector that is vertical like the CMAXX, the tube sheet is located above the filters. One gasket usually seals the filter to the tube sheet. When there is no gasket between the filters and also no yokes for bending, the vertical cartridge collectors can maintain a much better seal.

How Does the Cartridge Filter Dust Collector Clean Its Filters?

Both the horizontal and vertical dust collector systems follow a similar method for cleaning their filters. The compressed air goes through the filters located in the opposite area where the polluted air goes. Those pulses of the compressed air blow the dust, and after that, those particles fall into the collection container.

Thus, the compressed air cleans the filters and helps them to work efficiently.

So, the cartridge filter dust collector works the best in any industry for its superior efficiency in cleaning dust particles.

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