How can you Support your Future Businesses With VoIP?

“Communication” is a word related to both personal and business ones to build either customer-business or personal relations achieved through the traditional phone systems decades ago but in present days implemented successfully by the modern phone systems referred to as “VOIP”.

Ok, now our readers become inquisitive to learn about this cloud technology discussed henceforth.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology that enables making phone calls via the Internet as opposed to a regular phone line. Even if a computer or VoIP phone is the only choice accessible in businesses, a normal phone and an adaptor are both acceptable options for connecting to VoIP a technology that enables making phone calls via the Internet as opposed to a regular phone line
  • A digital signal is created from the voice and sent over the Internet. When the signal is sent to the recipient, calling a phone number becomes a regular phone call. 
  • High-definition voice calling, video and audio conferencing, team messaging, unlimited extensions, cloud PBX with auto-attendant, and other features and capabilities the organization needs are all included in business VoIP solutions and are available on a single platform.
    A superior and more modern sort of phone service to bring the company’s communication practices into the twenty-first century, we shall cover every aspect of VOIP technology in the points that follow.

    • A normal phone, a mobile app, or a desk phone can all be used to get access to VoIP, also known as IP telephony.
    • By connecting an analogue phone to a router via a local area network, you can transform it into a VoIP phone (LAN).
    • Download the required company’s VoIP application to your mobile device from the Google Play store.
    • Install SIP phones.

    How does VoIP work?

    It is also referred to as voice-over-internet protocol, enabling users to place and receive calls using a regular analogue phone or mobile network via the internet. When these voice calls reach the listener, they are transformed into digital packets and then decomposed into the correct voice signals. To connect the calls to the various networks, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server makes use of fast internet connections.

    A router and modem are also included, enabling VoIP to be used right away. The VoIP provider uses an old-fashioned desk phone, and a SIP server controls the calls via an internet dashboard. The cloud provides secure storage for all of the data. The user’s data can be changed using the web dashboard, which allows them access to it.

    The business may use a computer, laptop, tablet, or any other internet-connected device as an output. As a result, the company should pay for the internet services but not for the phone system that the company is currently utilizing.

    VoIP Advantages:

    It is important to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and why the company needs to utilize it for better productivity.

    Get superior products at an affordable rate. Small businesses would benefit the most from highly efficient technology that is affordable as the customers will receive plans from the best VoIP provider that is reasonable for their budgets.


    The exceptional capabilities or features integrated or included in these solutions allow for the quick and effective performance of communication solutions for small to large companies.

    Call Duration is not restricted:

    A company can make as many international calls as they like from the local number by purchasing a suitable package with monthly or annual rates and predetermined lengths.

    Ability to Scale:

    The current VOIP system can accommodate as many users as needed without the need for additional wiring or physical line installation.


    Will the company be out of the office for a significant amount of time yet still need to answer important phone calls? 

    Firms don’t need to worry about it because they can manage them utilizing the mobile VoIP app just as effortlessly.

    Simple infrastructure:

    The hosted VoIP system is very simple to manage because the VoIP service providers manage and host the entire operation on the cloud.

    It enables businesses to operate remotely:

    Since VoIP systems have been installed throughout the communication infrastructure, working from home has increased in popularity and productivity.


    The business should continue to use the same phone number even if it moves; there is no need to let clients know every time it changes sites.

    It is not a Limitation but its Essential:

    It’s a great benefit that it needs to maintain a high-speed internet connection, but it can occasionally be a hassle.

    Internet phone calls have the following features, among others:

    Multitasking is only feasible with VOIP phones due to their sophisticated capabilities, some of which we’ll discuss below.

    • Call forwarding: If call forwarding is set, the call will be forwarded to a different number if the company is unavailable to answer the phone.
    • Call blocking: shields the user from unwanted phone calls.
    • Auto attendant: When calls come in, have a virtual receptionist answer them.
    • Caller ID: learn the name and phone number of the caller.
    • Call transfer: A “call transfer” is the process of moving a call from one device to another.
    • Application integration: Simple software application integration.
    • Voicemails may be readily converted to emails and forwarded.
    • Video conferencing in high definition can be used for conference calls which are especially important for businesses.
    • Call logs: Including details on missed, made, and received calls, is stored in call logs.
    •  Call back: When a call is missed, a call is automatically returned.
    •  Call recording: record every call to make sure it is saved.
    •  Call reporting: This tool enables both report generation and staff member promotion.
    •  DND: Firms can use the DND option to stop receiving calls and messages from the government.

    Additional points:

    • The practice of storing data across various databases so that it can be accessed in the case of an unforeseen calamity is known as disaster recovery.
    • 99.99 percent uptime
    • If businesses are utilizing a web-based app, simply log into the account and start using the app.
    • Download the VoIP mobile/desktop app from the Google Play store to obtain access to it.

    VoIPWhat can Vitel Global offer your business?

    We are one of the top VoIP providers and let us have a look at what we provide in a business solution and their features. 

    The four main types of VoIP systems that are currently available are hosted IP PBX, managed PBX, SIP trunking, and IAD.

    1. Hosted VOIP PBX, which contains:

    This service is also known as private branch exchange, or PBX, and cloud service providers host it.

    • Time-saving
    • Easy and quick assembly
    • Simple maintenance and repair concerns
    • Exceptional qualities
    • It permits integration.
    • Real-time communication tools that are user-friendly
    1. Integrated Access:

    Conversations may be held more comfortably using VOIP solutions that can quickly integrate with the numerous corporate phone apps already in use without incurring additional costs.

    • There is no need for any additional tools or equipment.
    • Cost-effective
    • It is reliable and speedy.
    • Secured
    1. VOIP PBX Management:

    It functions similarly to a hosted IP PBX and is outsourced to a third party, which oversees, administers, updates, and configures all of the company’s internal communications.

    • Minimal maintenance needs
    • Methodical labor force management
    • Up the production rate.
    • Upgrades happen without human intervention.
    • Boosts all-around worker productivity
    1. SIP trunking

    Speech signals and video data are transmitted over the Internet through the session initiation protocol or SIP. To achieve this, SIP trunking is used in conjunction with the existing analogue networks.

    • Versatile
    • It simplifies the integration procedure.
    • Cost-cutting
    • Hardware configuration is not necessary.
    • Secured


    If the company chooses us, Vitel Global India offers a comprehensive range of goods and services to its clients, allowing them to continually deliver top-notch customer service.

    • Unlimited cloud PBX services.
    • More than 60 feature offerings
    • Assembling is not at all challenging.
    • Personalized services and programmes

    Internet Collaboration

    • Phone assistance
    • Data archiving
    • Used leased line
    • System integrations for CRM

    As the top VOIP service provider, VITEL GLOBAL INDIA, offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and services that are quickly increasing businesses’ revenues.

     Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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