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How Can You Check Your CIBIL Score Online With A PAN Card?

A credit score is an important factor when it comes to borrowing or exploring various lines of credit. It is important to prove your creditworthiness in order to be eligible for a specific loan. A credit score considers loan repayment, credit history, financial activities, and various credit accounts. It is important to improve your credit score online if you want to make borrowing easy and affordable. Remember, the credit score check option is a soft check, which does not damage your credit score.

If you are trying to improve it, the check credit score option should always be on your priority list. With the help of your PAN Card, it is now easy to check your credit score online. With a PAN card, it’s easy to check your credit score online. A PAN card is an all-in-one financial document that is linked to all credit accounts and information. Therefore, with the help of the best digital platform and PAN Card, you can do your free and instant credit score check.

Here’s how you can check your credit score online in India using a PAN Card instantly without any cost

Clix Capital has teamed up with Experian to provide you with an excellent way to measure your credit score. It is very easy to check your credit score instantly within a few minutes. Make sure you have your PAN card handy. It helps you check your credit score instantly.

Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’re all set! This is going to be very easy for you without any lengthy or difficult process. Just visit the official website and you will find the credit score check option right on the home page. Click on the option to check your credit score, and you will need to fill in all the details as required. Your information and details will be completely safe.

Fill application form :

Fill out the form present on the website to check credit score online. You will need to submit the following details: Make sure you do not miss any points or else the application for a credit check will not be processed. You need to be careful while entering your name, verification identification number, and various other details. Below are some of the details that you need to enter when you start checking your credit score.

  • Gender
  • Full Name
  • The Birth Date
  • PAN Number
  • Pin Code
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

Check the box that indicates your agreement to Clix Capital’s Credit Score Terms of Use. After you have inputted all the details, you need to accept all the terms and conditions. To be sure, you can read all the terms and conditions listed on the official website.

Once you click on the “Get Your Credit Score” button, you’ll be asked to verify it. It is important to verify. A credit score is an important financial detail that cannot be shared by anyone.

Your mobile number will be verified with an OTP. Make sure you have entered the registered mobile ID, which is linked with all your credit accounts. You can also opt to send a verification code to your registered email address if you do not have your contact number with you.

While your score is being checked, you will be asked to state your occupation type, employer name, and a monthly income as well. These are additional but very important pieces of information that you need to offer.

After going through all these steps, you will receive your credit score. It is very easy to check your credit score by visiting the Clix Capital website.

You can check your credit score online!

It is critical to check your credit score on a regular basis using only a PAN card. There are various digital platforms like Clix Capital that offer a free credit score check. It is important to monitor your score to check the improvement taking place in your credit report. When you check your score, it helps you detect wage errors in your credit report. Before you apply for a loan, it is vital to check your credit score using your PAN card number. Clix Capital offers free and instant checking. You will get a 100% accurate credit report within a few seconds. There is no lengthy documentation. Check your credit score today to improve your score and be eligible for affordable borrowing.

Wrapping up

Check your credit score on a regular basis to detect errors and track credit score improvement. It is important to maintain your credit score with a good credit profile in order to explore various kinds of affordable loans. Check your credit score online to track improvement and monitor changes in your credit report.


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