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How Can Increase The Positive Energy at Home with Wall Clock

The sound of wall clocks ticking away has a distinct sound and also serves as a continuous reminder of how fast time is passing by. Nowadays, wall clocks might not be as important as they were before the introduction of smartphones. However, they are still an unassuming spot and Some people also use simple ornaments in the majority of homes.

While it is possible to increase the beauty of your house by using designer wall clocks, it’s important to always follow Right Direction principles, without disturbing harmony and positive energy of your home.

In Which Direction is A Wall Clock Best in?

If you’re moving to a brand new house or remodeling your house, picking the ideal spot to place an alarm clock on the wall could be a little confusing. But Direction is the solution. Placing clocks in directions suggested by the direction will draw positive energy and ensure that your life continues without obstacles.


The best place to set the wall clock is to north one, as per the God of prosperity and wealth. This will help to keep financial troubles within the family.


If it’s not feasible to place it in the direction of the north it is possible to keep it in the direction of the east. As per the astrologer, putting an east-facing clock on the wall, will bring prosperity.


It is also possible to consider the direction to the west for the clock’s location if you could not locate a suitable location within the other suggested directions. The west direction is controlled by the Lord signifies the stability of life.


According to Direction guidelines, you must be careful not to place the wall clock in the direction of the south. If you do, it can affect your family’s finances and financial health. This is because this particular direction isn’t regarded as positive and is ruled by the god of death.

The Right Direction for Wall Clocks in the Bedroom

If you are planning to install an alarm clock on the wall in your bedroom, there are a few points to be aware of. The clock should be placed in the direction of the east. It is also possible to keep it in the direction of the north in the alternative. If you are sleeping with your head towards the south, you must make sure that the wall clock is on the north or east side. Clocks that have reflective glass must not be set near the bed or even the door to the bedroom. In addition, the wall clock must be placed on your bed.

Right Direction Wall Clocks In the Living Room

The living area of the house is where family members spend the majority of their time. According to Direction, it is recommended that accessories be placed in the proper direction so that they bring positive energy. The best place for a clock on the wall in the living space is on the north wall. There are other options, such as the east, north-east, and west as alternative locations. You can put a beautiful Roman numerals wall clock on your living room.

What Kind of Wall Clock is Suitable for Your Home?

If you are choosing wall clocks to add to your home decor, be sure that you choose simple designs. Here’s a look at some of the clock designs which will attract positive energy according to Direction:

  1. Wall clocks from the past, such as pendulums and antique wall clocks are a classic design and their oscillation signifies an energy flow that is positive according to direction.
  2. Circle wall clocks Select clocks with a round shape because it is the simplest shape that can increase the positive energy of any room. You can buy a Round Mosaic wall clock for your room.
  3. Metal wall clocks: A great way to store a metal wall clock or clocks that have shades of white or grey, to the northwest.
  4. Clocks for walls made from wood Wall clocks are ideal for the east wall of the room.

Is the Pendulum Clock Suitable for Direction?

According to Direction, having a pendulum wall clock inside the home is an ideal option to create a happy atmosphere and avoid problems within daily life. The best place to put the clock is in the living or drawing-room. As per Direction experts that the clock should be of a standard shape, with oval, square, round, or even eight and six arms.

Wall clock colors are as per the directions

Be sure to choose the appropriate color for the wall clock, based on the place you want to put it.

Choose lighter colors for the clocks on your walls at home, like white, light grey, cream, and parrot green, or blue sky. It is recommended to avoid darker colors.

If you’re planning to put clocks on the North wall you should choose metallic white, grey, or shades that work well for the direction.

Select a wooden shade or similar such as dark brown or dark green, if you’re putting your wall clock on the east wall.

Wall Clocks in Offices According to the Instructions

The best direction to put the large wall clock within an office space is the direction of east or north. North direction is a symbol of prosperity and career. Therefore, a clock that is in this direction could help draw more business opportunities. In the same way, the east is a symbol of education, family, and work. A clock that is set in this direction can boost the efficiency of your work.

The Effects of Putting Your Wall Clock in the Direction of South

A wall clock that is placed in the direction of the south in the home is not recommended according to Direction. It’s not good for the family as the direction signifies stagnation. The direction to the south corresponds to the path of Yama the god of death. The use of a wall clock in the south direction could cause health issues for family members. It can also create problems for business.

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