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Gojek Clone 2022: Launch Your Multi-Service Business in just a Week

Our Smartphones are all clogged up with a hundred different Apps. People have different Apps from Pizza Ordering, getting Groceries, Food Delivery, Taxi Booking, etc. Doesn’t all of it make things Frustrating? Do you want to get rid of all of them and instead have One Single App for everything? Well, then pals, you need to Download and Install this Highly Sophisticated and All-Inclusive App – the Gojek Clone 2022!


This Pristine App offers a bundle of 70+ On-Demand Services such as Uber-Like Taxi to commute from X Location to Y. From one Parcel to a Multiple, get Anything delivered Anywhere within the Same City via a Two-Wheeler, Cargo Truck, Car, etc. with Parcel Delivery. Hire a Delivery Genie or a Personal Shopper who will purchase items of your choice immediately from a nearby Shop, Store, or Mall. The App Users can also hire a Delivery Runner who will run Errands for you, Pick-Up, Deliver or Drop Items to One Location or Multiple!

Order Food, Groceries, Medicines, or even a special White Rose Bouquet for your Wife Instantly with this Powerful Multi Services App and get Doorstep Delivery within minutes of Placing the Order! Book or get prompt On-Demand Services of the Best Rated, Experienced and Qualified Beautician, Masseuse, Car Washers, or even Maids and Babysitters as per your Budget!

As said the App offers 70+ Services, which means the list hasn’t ended yet!

On top of these Multiple Services, KINGX 2022 – the Prodigious, Robust, and the most Perfect App has added Two more Components into its fold! First, Online Video Consultation with Doctors to discuss your Health Conditions, Academic Tutors for their Kids, Fitness Coaches to plan out your Workout Schedule, and many more.  Second, Service Bidding with Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, and other Providers to hire the Best Experts for the Job at the best Prices that don’t rip your Pockets!


Opt for the Script from a White-Labeling Firm that will rebrand its Base App and Website with your Company’s Name & Logo to more than just a Coded App. The App Owner will get:

  • iOS & Android User Apps for Mobile, Kiosks, and Taxi Booking iWatch App.
  • Android & iOS Apps for Driver/Service Provider along with a Web Panel.
  • iOS & Android Store Apps for Kiosk and a Web Panel.
  • Website & Admin Panel with Dispatcher and Billing-Account
  • Lastly, Support Panels as per your Business Model.

Don’t presume these to be some Coded Artefacts, because all of these Apps are Pre-Built with stacks of Trailblazing Features!

A handful of embellished Features of KINGX 2022 are:

  • Smart Login with Face ID and Fingerprints
  • Graphically illustrated In-App Push Notification Alerts
  • Multi-Lingual
  • In-App Video Calling
  • Multiple Credit Card Management
  • Easy Analytics Reports
  • Facebook and Google Ad Integration

Build Your Super App With Best Gojek Clone App by putting in a peanut-sized amount as compared to a Quarter of a Million US Dollars!


Launch your very own Gojek Clone 2022 and take advantage of all the latest Features! Earn Easy and Quick Money by launching this App in just 1 – 2 Weeks! Your dreams of becoming a Millionaire will soon turn to Reality.

Smartly commence and run your Multi-Service Business Online! Get this Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functioning App from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm.

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