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Fun Things to Do in Nashville with Kids for 2022

Your daily work-life balance can affect your relations with your kids and your partner. It can sometimes become hard to make time for your personal life because of a hectic work-life. One way to keep sure that your family gets you and your time is by taking them on vacation, away from your everyday hustles. 

The cherry on the cake is the Covid-19, which has made it difficult for people to actually find places to take their kids to. This is why we have found the right place for you! Nashville is a destination where you can do a lot with your family with or without covid situation. 

Let’s take a look at all the fun and adventure things to do in Nashville with kids for 2022!

Family Things To Experience In Nashville During Covid

  • Nashville Zoo

Nashville family zoo is a place that is open and safe to take your kids to. Here, they will get to see a huge range of animals. From tigers to white rhinos, from spider monkeys to Caribbean flamingos, you can take those pictures out of those animal books to life. While you are here, make sure you take a tour around the Grassmere Historic Home, the Jungle Gym and watch a Wild Works Animal Show. Fun Things to Do in Nashville with Kids for 2022

  • The Gulch

This neighborhood in south downtown is another place where you and your kids can have fun at the various entertainment venues, eat together at many of the best restaurants in the town, and shop from boutiques. Make sure you go and check out the clothing collection at Two Old Hippies and get some vintage clothes. So get your family Lufthansa flight booking and carry some extra bags with you. We assure you that you will end up increasing your luggage by the end of this trip. 

  • Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a gorgeous place that covers 132 acres of land and is completely safe to take your kids to during this hard time. The park is located in the West End neighborhood in Nashville. This park has been a racetrack, a fairground, and has been used for many other major events organized in the city. You can take a long walk or arrange a picnic with your family after you fly to Nashville.

  • The Old Town Trolley 

Nashville is also known as Music City, and The Old Town Trolley is one of the best ways to explore it to the best. During pandemic situations, each Old Town Trolley tour makes sure of social distancing, and it will take you around the entire city for you and your kids to get the best out of this beautiful, musical town. 

Outdoor Family Activities Nashville

  • Nashville Farmers Market

Nashville Farmers Market is one of the most popular and fun activities to take your family to. If you also want to get this experience, head to the Bicentennial Park where the market is located. Make sure to go to the market early in the market when the sun is bright. You will find the best products here, from fresh meat to veggies to fruits. Don’t forget to explore the park once you are done shopping. 

  • Adventure Science Center

If you want to make science fun and interesting for your kids, take them to the Adventure Science Center. You can be a part of many interactive exhibits to increase your curiosity about various educational programs and displays. From astronomy to various scientific discoveries of the country, you will be astonished by looking at the evidence of them. Make sure you get a closer look at everything in this 63 ft tall dome. 

  • Lucky Ladd Farms

Lucky Ladd Farms is a perfect place for people of all ages. With more than 70 fun activities, you and your family can be a part of something new every minute. Within the borders of these farms, you will find a zoo, adventurous rides, and playgrounds. You can also encounter this fun vacation in Nashville with your family throughout the year. 

  • Cumberland Park

Another family place to have a fun day out in Nashville is Cumberland Park. Located by the Cumberland River, this park is a perfect place to surprise your family with a fun picnic. Grab a basket, pick your favorite drinks, baked goods, and a picnic mat, and soak in the sun at Cumberland Park. You can also be a part of this adventure if you book Spirit Airlines reservations at the cheapest flight fares. 

Closing Statement

Family vacations can be real fun, especially when you are in a town such as Nashville. Above, we have mentioned places for you and your kids to enjoy even during the times of Covid. So fly out to this destination on your next family vacation and restore the bond that might have gotten lost with your busy schedule 


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