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Free Online Form Builder- Easy way to share information

Free Online Form Builder is used to take feedback from patients or doctors in healthcare or even from any type of survey. Therefore, online forms are the best ways to reach maximum people in the shortest period. 

An online form builder helps integrate the website’s information without any coding skills. Forms are an important way to gather information in a concise form. When we gather information in a single form, it keeps our data secured in a single form.

What is the free online form builder? 

The form builder isn’t just for managing information leads. Its applications go well beyond that. For example, internal organizational teams utilize forms to collect personal information.

The mass users have the right to choose among the best. You can select the one that suits your purpose. But the free online form should take the minimum time while catering to the maximum outcome.

Why do we use an online form builder?

The simple method works well as an online form builder. For the information you want to collect, you build labels and questions. Respondents can offer this information in various ways, including text boxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and other options.

Simple standalone form apps and form builders are part of a more extensive product suite. They advanced data processing tools with a form builder thrown in for good measure.

Here are some online form builders that you can find to make your work easy and effective within a short time.

Type form:

Type form is one of the most recognized forms that stand out from others. As a result, your experience will be unique and worth it. In addition, the type form is responsive, along with the availability of the payment mode. 

So, you can avail of more payments without any fear of fraud. Although the form is accessible for free with many features, the paid version caters to different exciting features. 

For example, you can upload files and do many things when using the paid version. The form will not disappoint you even if you use the free service. 

Google forms:

Google forms are the most beneficial online form builder because they are free, secure, and easy to use. You can use the Google forms for registrations, feedback, quick polls, subscriptions, etc. 

Yes, you will be amazed how people use Google forms during the pandemic. Many multiple-choice exams are taking place in Google forms. Therefore, it is easier to deal with multiple-choice questions through Google forms. 

It is easier to attend multiple-choice tests for colleges or any entrance exam. The best part of using this form is that it is the most authorized form that we can find in today’s time. If you share a Google Form to get filled, hardly anyone will deny the acceptance of the same. 


Wufoo is one of the oldest form-making apps on the market and is one of the most effective online form builders. In addition, Wufoo features a simple learning curve that makes it very user-friendly. 

Wufoo, as a strong report generator, also assists you in creating in-depth graphical reports based on the data obtained. However, the highly configurable form builder tool has drawbacks, such as an out-of-date user interface and lousy customer service. 

Jot form:

Jot Form is the form that you must get if you search for the accessible and fastest forms, but it doesn’t look great. However, the usage of this form is worth it, and you can choose the designs from the templates and the theme library. 

You can even buy some premium for your form from the theme store. The form is made for you to use the way you choose. When you have a WordPress website, jot forms help you add new forms. It is a simple drag and drop form builder word press. 


Although there are many free online form builders, the users will be glad to use the features of intelyForms among them. intelyForms has a facility for creating forms. It is an easy-to-use form builder with a no-cost building tool.

IntelyForms uses a HIPAA-compliant online application that eliminates paper forms. The intelyForms integrates all the data needed to be secured through the forms. This form is associated with healthcare data integration. It helps to make the process clean and fast.

The intelyForms is the blessing towards healthcare data integration. It saves the time and effort of the patients making the process smooth. 

Benefits of free online form builder:

  • No information is missed when you fill up your forms, unlike taking those in pen and paper. 
  • You can gather feedback through a form. Then, you can forward it to the maximum number of people you know, and they will have to just stick to the suitable option to agree to it. 
  • This form of data integration is very safe and secured, unlike the physical data integration method.
  • In the case of the applications, you get a form where you fill in the necessary information to access those applications. Such applications are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Your transactions will be secured as they will be direct transactions.
  • Also, you will receive a confirmation mail from the recipient of the information. 


Free online form builders are needed to function in different sectors better. As much as the Forms comes into the function, it enables the process to be smooth. 

Online Forms make us cope with the fast life. This facility keeps us organized with minimum time investment towards the data integration process. Visit to learn more.


Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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