Everything About Ceramic Coating for Car

We all have thought about ceramic coating once in our lifetime after buying a car. You might have even found car paint offers and claims stating they are better than waxing and polishing. How effective it is than paint protection films. 

Even after asking these questions a number of times did you get all the answers you were looking for? With abundant information available online one might seriously get confused about those things. 

We all want our car to look perfect and beautiful every time we use it, and as long as things are going to make it look more enhanced we are open to it too. You might have done all the basics of car washing, waxing, and getting those stains and scratches removed, but you’ll find them again and again. 

All you want is a solution that will help you make your car look amazing. Something which stays forever and keeps your car away from rusting, you get it done once and forget about it. 

CERAMIC COATING is what you are looking for. We can bet you, you have heard this word before but have you given it a try?

What is Ceramic Coating?

The ceramic coating which is of industry grade is a polymer chemical solution, which is applied on the exterior of the car to protect it from external damage. As the chemical creation of a new layer over the car’s factory pain, it remains untouched. 

 You’ll find many car enthusiasts and details stating that this is a perfect alternative to paint protection films, this ceramic coating is a great alternative to waxing. The main role of ceramic coating is to protect cars from dust, dirt, stains, and ruining the factory paint of the car. 

This ceramic coating is called Nano ceramic coating too, it can be a permanent, or semi-permanent solution for your problems. The chemical solution is so strong that it doesn’t break down in normal weather conditions. 

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Every chemical solution has a resilient feature. Similarly, ceramic coating is permanent and super easy to clean once it is coated over the car, but this is obviously the other reason why you should get your car a ceramic coating is

  •  Protection from UV Rays

The damage the sun’s harmful rays do which are known as UV is unimaginable. The coating of ceramic helps you protect your car paint from oxidizing, fading, and getting a dull look, which is obvious when you park your car outdoors.

  • Protection from Chemical Stains

The chemical stains you get on your car from the contaminated air are another major reason you should get your car a ceramic coating, as it will help you in preventing it. With the increase in air pollution, this solution of getting a ceramic coating can be a good solution.

  • Ease of Cleaning

When you are getting your car waxed or washed, the detailing talk can give you a headache. If you get yourself a ceramic coating, you won’t have to think about the polymer wearing off. This blends easily with your car paints and repels water, which means all water-based diets will wash off eventually with one wipe, a quick wash and you are good to go.

  • Candy Like Gloss

All aesthetic car owners will love this feature of ceramic coating. They provide glossy paint that blends deeply with your car’s paint. In recent years the popularity and demand for car ceramic coating products have just increased, and when reviewed the experts and industry have given positive answers.

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Things Ceramic Coating Cannot Do

  • Protection from all Types of Scratches

Ceramic coating cannot protect your car from normal scratches, marks, or such things. Though it blends amazingly the features of paint are what it holds. This is what you should be ready for even after ceramic coating the scratches, swirls, and such elements can still harm your car.

  • Protection from Water Spotting

Though as discussed above the ceramic coating doesn’t let water-dirt or water stay on the car, as they are naturally soluble things they still leave stains behind even after the water has evaporated. Ceramic coating can’t stop the water from staining, and removal of these stains isn’t as easy as it seems.

Is Ceramic Coating Worthy?

To make it more simple for you, yes ceramic coating is worth it. As per the above-mentioned advantages in the article, these great benefits will help you run your car for a longer period of time. The time and cost of maintaining and cleaning the car will be easier. But if someone will ask you if it is one solution to all car worries that would be no, as nothing in the industry is invested yet which can provide you one solution to all your car worries. 

Difference Between PPF and Ceramic Coating

Most will say PPF and ceramic coating are one and the same things as they have many features which match one another but you’ll still find few features which will help you differentiate them. Ceramic coating is a liquid solution while PPF is a vinyl or polymer material. The ceramic coating is done through a sponge which is spread across the car, and let its dry layer be washed, whereas PPF is a vinyl material placed over the car and later smoothen all bubbles and imperfection of it, and at last a hit air machine roams across it to adhere the paint.

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