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Enhance Your Practice With Office Practicum EMR

A robust system, Office Practicum EMR is a one-stop solution that answers all pediatric practice needs. Whether scheduling patients, documenting encounters, or submitting controlled substance prescriptions, all staff and providers have access to the right information in a single view. 

Comprehensive examination room functionality is complemented by an extensive set of templates including pediatric-specific well and sick visit templates as well as school and camp forms. Specialized growth chart options include Down’s Syndrome and preemie-specific charts. 

Patient Portal 

Designed to meet the needs of pediatric practices, Office Practicum EMR is a comprehensive solution that organizes pediatric management, including EHR and billing. It also enables pediatricians to improve the quality of patient care and increase revenue. Its features include electronic health records (EHR), patient portal, clinical decision support, and customizable templates. It also offers a variety of integrations with other healthcare systems and a mobile app. 

A patient portal allows patients to access medical information, communicate with the practice and schedule appointments from anywhere. Using a secure, encrypted connection, patients can view their health history, medication list, insurance information and more. They can even request prescription refills or schedule flu clinic appointments through the portal. This eliminates the need for phone calls and saves practice time by enabling patients to self-schedule. 

In addition to a robust scheduling module, Office Practicum EMR provides a powerful billing module that adjusts charges, submits claims electronically and tracks denials. It also supports a wide range of payment processing methods, including credit cards, debit cards, ACH and checks. It also enables users to provide patients with easy-to-understand statements that work across multiple modules of the software. 

With Office Practicum EMR, pediatricians can quickly and easily document the patient encounter by selecting from pre-designed templates. These templates include a variety of patient forms, such as school and camp forms, and are available in both printed and electronic formats. Additionally, the software can provide a reminder call to parents for immunizations or routine appointments. It also has a number of automated vaccine forecasting tools that allow physicians to schedule vaccination appointments ahead of time. 

The system can also track a patient’s adherence to medications, and it can automatically create, print and fax prescriptions complete with the most current drug list, logo and provider signature. It can also record lot numbers and dates of administration for vaccines, and it can generate inventory reports. Moreover, it can help pediatricians document medical diagnoses and procedures with ICD-9 and CPT codes. It can also provide a full list of child-specific vaccines and their recommended doses. 

Electronic Patient Charts 

The patient chart is at the heart of any EHR system. It provides a clear view of all notes written by any clinician in the practice, including the patient’s medical history and current treatment plan. It also enables access to the patient’s demographic and insurance data and a list of current problems, medications, and diagnostic tests. 

The chart can be viewed in various ways including room view, office view or physician schedule view. A quick click of the name on the schedule immediately displays the chart for that appointment. The chart can also highlight any outstanding balances or on-going problems and a patient’s vaccination status through VacLogic (which forecasts when vaccines are due). 

In addition, the patient portal offers an easy-to-navigate website where patients can access prescriptions, test results, documents, and clinical information. It can also be used to send appointment reminders, collect copayments, and deliver HIPAA-compliant telemedicine sessions. 

Clinicians can experience annoyance with certain EMR systems from time to time, especially when software errors occur or if they are having trouble finding or entering the right data. It’s important that clinicians avoid expressing this frustration to patients as it can have negative unintended consequences. Instead, they should proactively inform information technology and administrative support staff of the problems that are occurring so that constructive troubleshooting can begin. 

Founded in 1992 by a team of pediatricians at Visual Data, Office Practicum is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system designed specifically for pediatric offices. The platform is equipped with numerous features geared towards the treatment of children, including several growth chart options such as Downs Syndrome and preemie-specific growth curves; a series of templates for school and camp forms; and more than 175 templates specifically designed for “sick visits.”

Office Practicum has integrated claims and accounts receivable management and provides detailed practice-specific financial, productivity and medical activity reporting. The system is available as an iPad app and through a secure cloud-based server enabling automatic updates, backups and expandable levels of data storage. It also includes a message center for providers and staff to communicate instantly, discreetly and securely and a system for documenting call-backs, referrals and other important information without disturbing or interrupting a patient in the exam room like ClinicTracker. 

Patient Education 

Office Practicum offers patient education to improve the quality of care, increase communication with patients and their families, and promote a healthier and more productive practice. The patient portal gives patients access to their health information, documents and appointments from any computer or mobile device. The e-prescribing tool automates the process of ordering and tracking medications. In addition, the system includes a telemedicine feature that allows doctors to check in with patients via video chat. And treat conditions like allergies, flu, rashes and behavioral concerns. 

The electronic patient chart features color photographs and a clear screen, enabling providers to view each child individually and clearly. The chart automatically pulls in all the pertinent clinical data for the patient including ICD-9 and CPT codes. The system also displays a staff and provider to-do/reminder list, making it easy for anyone to keep up with key tasks. 

A unique pediatric software solution, Office Practicum is the industry leader in pediatric software, built from the ground up by pediatricians offering the most secure, fully compliant pediatric-specific EMR. The software boasts over 200 pediatric-specific well and sick visit templates, complemented by the best pediatric vaccine management solution available. The system enables specialists to monitor and track all of a patient’s immunizations, providing prompts when the patient is due for vaccines, while offering reporting and analysis tools to ensure compliance with vaccine guidelines. 

Pediatric growth charts are available for all children, with several custom options such as Down’s Syndrome and preemie-specific growth curves. The system automatically graphs vital signs, BMI, length/age, HC/age, weight/length and weight/stature on colorful, descriptive graphs. The system even provides a vaccination schedule based on the age of the child. That can be printed out for the practice and faxed or sent in a secure email to a patient’s pharmacy. 

In the office, the software provides a powerful billing module that adjusts charges, submits insurance claims electronically and tracks denials. The system utilizes pediatric-specific codes to avoid delays or rejections while producing standardized superbills for use with multiple clearing houses. In addition, the software enables specialists to print and send patient statements directly to parents/guardians. 

Patient Engagement 

Designed by a pediatrician to meet the specific needs of medical practices. Office Practicum is a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution that streamlines workflows and optimizes productivity. The cloud-based software offers comprehensive support for pediatric healthcare organizations, including family medicine, specialty care and revenue cycle management. 

Office Practicum’s patient engagement features allow patients to access their medical records. And lab results, request prescription refills, and communicate with their physicians through secure messaging. This allows patients to save valuable practice time by avoiding unnecessary phone calls or appointments. It also provides pediatricians with the ability to manage their practice remotely without having to leave home or work. 

Patients can also register children for school and camp through the patient portal, allowing parents to submit forms and documents. Office Practicum also includes the most commonly used school and camp forms in its system. In addition, the system’s messaging feature allows providers and staff to communicate privately. And discreetly through instant message or interoffice email without disrupting a patient visit. Office Practicum’s e-prescription feature allows providers to transmit controlled substance prescriptions directly to pharmacies. This feature helps to reduce the risk of errors by eliminating manual entry and ensuring that all prescriptions are valid. The system also checks for drug-drug interactions, potential duplicate therapies and patient allergies to prevent medication errors. 

Office Practicum’s powerful billing module allows pediatricians to easily track, submit and adjust insurance claims electronically. It also supports multiple billing formats and permits batch statement billing. Its advanced billing tools help to manage denials and use pediatric-specific codes to ensure that claims are coded accurately. 

Founded in 1992 in New York City, Office Practicum (OP) is a privately held software company. That connects pediatricians and families to promote best practices. OP’s practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solutions provide pediatricians with the tools to improve efficiency, increase revenue and enhance patient engagement. With headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania and Atascadero, California, OP serves thousands of pediatricians nationwide. 

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