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Health and Fitness

Does Being Around Babies Help Boost Fertility – IVF Centre

Being around babies sometimes influences a woman and she tries to become pregnant soon. This seems illogical, but it is a fact which was proved in scientific research. And the study was conducted by the American Sociological Association Journal. Believe it or not, this concept really works as a fertility booster. The doctors in various hospitals or at an IVF centre also accept this psychological fact and relate it to a contagious bug.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience for a woman. And it gives a moment of celebration to other family members. But, it all depends on the mood of the woman and her decision. Sometimes, you want more time to enjoy your life or sometimes you want to focus on your career. In both cases, your pregnancy time is delayed. According to a study, these kinds of women have an inspiration from the pregnancy of their close friends or colleagues at their workplace. It is an ultimate fact that if you regularly hear pregnancy news from your surroundings or see your friend as a mother, you may also start thinking of a baby.

Facts behind the assumption

There are many conceptual factors that together contribute to improve the fertility chances of the woman. One of these is “Being around Babies”. Conceptually, it is not possible to conceive after seeing other babies or pregnant ladies. There is a logic behind this concept. Being around babies or seeing blue films with each other does not mean that you immediately get excited and start doing sex or suddenly start planning of a baby. The reason is that these concepts are designed to transmit an idea to your subconscious mind to do a proper planning for the same thing.

Now, the question is “How is it possible?” There are many strong scientific facts behind this assumption:

  • One conceived woman positively influences the other to become a mother.
  • Looking at other conceived women increases the fertility hormone secretion.
  • Building more confidence in a woman to accept the challenges comes along with motherhood.
  • Influence her mind and preparing her psychologically to get pregnant

How to get pregnant: Step-by-step instructions

  • Feeling pain after every 28 days? You are at the safer side as your menstrual cycle is normal.
  • Keep watching your ovulation cycle.
  • Say goodbye to obesity.
  • Be more romantic during the ovulation phase.
  • Underweighted girls! time to add some weight on your slim body.
  • Along with delicious and healthy food, don’t forget to take prenatal vitamins and essential minerals.
  • Be happy as nobody forces you to do heavy or strenuous work.
  • Without any hesitation, tell your real age to the doctor.
  • And lastly, keep your surroundings calm and pleasant. Be in contact with the would-be mothers or engage yourself with the children or happy faces.

For any other doubt or concern related to fertility issues, reach the reputed IVF centre and contact the specialist. Don’t delay.

Boost fertility naturally

Apart from conceptualising phenomena, you can boost the fertility process by following a healthy diet plan. Let’s see how it is possible:

  • Time to start eating- Choose food rich in antioxidants
  • Stay away from light breakfast: Think big and eat big in the morning
  • Escape from trans-fats: Don’t ever try to add food containing trans-fats
  • POS patients! stay away from carbs: Low carb diet keep you active
  • Maintain your health: Reduce the intake of refined carbs and choose dairy contain high fat content
  • Eat healthy: Add fibre-rich food in your diet
  • Breaking news for Coffee lovers and Alcoholics-immediately reduce the intake of caffeine-rich beverages and alcohol

It is your sole responsibility to take all necessary steps to maintain your health till and after pregnancy. In every part of the world, when a woman gives good news of pregnancy to her family members, they paste a photo of a cute baby on the wall of her room. They do so to prepare her mind that her child would be as cute as the child in the photo. Is there any logic behind the concept? But yet people have been doing so for the past several years. The purpose behind this is to make-up the subconscious mind of the woman to give birth to a beautiful baby.

The same thing happens if you have an association of a number of happy people. A smile automatically comes on your face even in the case you are too depressed.  Yes, it is possible and this is the reason why people say that being around babies works as a fertility booster. After seeing it on a regular basis, your mind automatically starts thinking of your child which indirectly enhances the secretion of fertility hormone. Even doctors at reputed IVF centres or big multi-speciality hospitals suggest you apply this magical therapy in your life.

Wrap Up

Positive thinking gives you a positive and happy life. Don’t ignore this concept as sometimes it shows magical effects. This magic can be seen when a woman not able to conceive or not want a child gets surrounded by babies. It is proved by the researchers and doctors of a well-known IVF clinic as well.   So, without any doubt go with this concept, apply it in your life and see the effect. But, don’t forget to follow the doctor’s instructions and take proper medication. Within a year, you will surely become a parent of a cute baby, if you really want.

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