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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agency in Nottingham

Kumo Digital is a highly experienced digital marketing agency in Nottingham with industry knowledge and expertise behind us. If you want to know more about all the marketing services we offer, including SEO, PPC and content creation, contact our friendly and professional team members today. We will be glad to contact you anytime.

We have a special team of experts, collectively, who will be able to meet all your marketing needs. Whether you need to design and build a website or write informative articles, Kumo will cover you. How to improve page load speed?  There are a few things you can do to improve how fast your web pages load and include the following:

Prepare and compress all your photos:

It is a well-known fact throughout the digital marketing industry that images, infographics, images and other types of images help to transform the beauty of a website, regardless of the industry in which you operate or the products or services you are trying to advertise.

The images also enhance the existing copy on the page, making the content look, more appealing and worth a visit. However, the larger the images, the longer it will take to load them, thus reducing your page speed.

One of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your page load is to compress and enhance all the images you have. Think of it as reducing the `weight` of an image, making sure the loading speed does not drag. You may want to use upgrade plugins like WP Smush, which:

Automatically resize and compress images

Prepare photos without compromising on quality

It takes care of the lost pressure, lazy loading and bulk image enhancement

Lower your redirect:

Unbelievably, but many redirects to your website can slow down page speed right away. This is because each time the page redirects, it simplifies the HTTP request and, therefore, the response process. While in some cases, redirect is required, such as when moving to a new domain, some are not necessary and this should be eliminated.

There are a few ways to reduce redirecting using WordPress, but if you are struggling to solve the problem yourself, or if you are not using WordPress, you should look to a digital marketing agency, like Kumo, to do it all for you. ; removing pressure from it and allowing you to focus on your business rather than its site.

Save all web pages

Caching is a quick, trouble-free way to reduce upload speeds. In fact, saving time reduces the workload required for a server to generate a visitor’s web browser web page. Requires fewer resources from the server to load the page, resulting in faster loading speeds. Use a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache for free and easy to use.

Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Minimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, in short, means removing unnecessary features, which include the following:




Unnecessary elements

This reduces the size of the files to make it easier for them to merge. Results? Soft webpages, clean code and fast loading times. In addition, there is a plugin available for this, called Autoptimise. This makes it easy for you to minimize your scripts and styles as it will automatically.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This refers to a network of servers that appear to improve web page load speed. It does this by capturing and delivering copies of any static content you may have on your website, all from servers available worldwide. The CDN will work with the host on or near it.

Kumo Digital is a highly experienced digital marketing agency in Nottingham with industry knowledge and expertise behind us.  A CDN can also be used to distribute copies of all website files between strategically selected data centers. Next, the range of data requests that have to travel from browser to host servers, and vice versa, will be significantly reduced. Along with this, site performance will also be increased – just another benefit of using a CDN.

Get rid of unnecessary plugins

Too many plugins can slow down your entire website, not individual pages and the same goes for plugins that may not be properly maintained or in the current state. In fact, the above may be a security threat to your site and you may encounter traffic problems, too.

With this in mind, it is important to limit the number of plugins you use to try to minimize these problems. If you no longer use them or if you do not see the real benefit of having them, remove them.

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