Custom Hanger Boxes will draw the attention of your customers.

Using Custom Hanger Boxes, you will be able to attract the attention of your consumers in no time. Hanging these boxes is simple when you use a hangar tab. They are available in two different styles: auto lock and tuck end. We at Fast Custom Boxes can customize these in a variety of ways, and each one will be suitable for display thanks to a die-cut window on the front of the container. We may make these boxes in two different styles: the auto lock style and the tuck end style, since the basic style has no effect on the hanging capabilities of the box. You may be comfortable that both of these types are appropriate for the box since they make it simpler to support the bundled item.

There are unique Custom Hanger Boxes available for purchase on various retail shop shelves, where they would be hung on the wall or on a beam that protrudes from the wall. The majority of the time, these boxes are use to store sponges, screwdrivers, and other tiny automobile-related or related items.

Custom Hanger Boxes


The use of a five-panel hanger box is an excellent choice if you want to attract the attention of potential buyers. These boxes are quite vital in any retail organisation since they help to keep things secure. A beautifully constructed and well-designed bespoke five panel hanger box may make clients aware of the high quality of the goods contained inside the box, hence increasing sales. These boxes may feature a standard hanger tab as well as a die cut tab. Both of which should enable the box to be hung from a hook. We can customise this box in any manner you desire, so get in contact with us

The One-of-a-Kind Design

The box features a panel that spans the whole length of the box and has a punched hole on both sides. This punch hole makes it easy to display these boxes on hooks. Or pegs since they may be hang on hooks or pegs. As an add bonus, these bespoke five panel hanger boxes have panels that may be use as windows if desire. In addition, it might simply be use to show product information to the customer. Trust us to personalise them in the best possible ways to guarantee that they will work well with different kinds of boxes in the future!

Why should you choose Fast Custom Boxes instead of other shipping options?

  • We manufacture unique five-panel hanger boxes that are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • We make certain that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • A short response time is provided by Fast Custom Boxes.
  • Our designers will assist you in making your selection and assisting you in selecting the finest design alternatives.
  • These boxes, as well as others such as Sports Packaging, are print using cutting-edge digital printing processes.
  • When it comes to quality, we never make any concessions.
  • Make use of environmentally friendly materials and high-quality inks.

Because we have no time restrictions, you may contact us at any moment. And we would be happy to accept your purchase!

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