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Coolest Things That Happened In Digi World news

It’s been a busy month in the world of digital media! Here are nineteen of the coolest things that happened in Digi World news this month.

Facebook announces new features for Timeline

Facebook has announced several new features for its Timeline, including a revamped profile page and a way to share photos with your friends without leaving the Timeline. This announcement comes just months after Facebook announced that it was acquiring Instagram, which added even more photo-sharing capabilities to the platform.

Other notable events in Digi World this month include Google unveiling its new Street View feature, which lets users explore maps of different cities in real time; and Amazon releasing a new Kindle Fire tablet that features an integrated screen that can be used as a computer.

Snapchat unveils ‘Stories’ feature

This past month, Snapchat announced a new feature called “Stories.” This is a way for users to share short videos that can be viewed as a continuous stream. Stories can be shared with friends, and they can also be private.

2. Amazon unveils its new Echo device

Amazon unveiled its new Echo device this month. The Echo is a voice controlled speaker that can do things like play music, order food from restaurants, and control smart home devices. It has a built-in microphone so it can hear you from anywhere in the house.

3. Facebook launches ‘M’ for Messenger app

Facebook launched its ‘M’ for Messenger app this month. ‘M’ stands for “Messenger,” and it is designed to make messaging on Facebook more efficient and organized. ‘M’ includes features like chatbots, which are computer programs that mimic human conversation. This allows businesses to create custom responses to customer questions in Messenger.

Twitter announces live streaming for businesses

Twitter announced this month that it is rolling out live streaming for businesses. This feature will allow businesses to broadcast their events and products to a global audience.

This is a great addition to Twitter’s already robust platform. It allows businesses to reach new customers and provide a more immersive experience for customers who are interested in hearing about what you’re doing.

Twitter also released new updates this month that make it easier to find the people and content you’re looking for on the platform. These updates include improved search functionality and trending topics.

WhatsApp expands group messaging to India and Bangladesh

WhatsApp has announced that it is expanding group messaging to India and Bangladesh. This new feature will allow up to 256 people to communicate simultaneously in groups of up to 256 people.

This is a huge improvement over the current messaging system, which allows only one person at a time to message a group. Group messaging can be very useful for businesses, as it allows multiple employees to communicate without having to wait for someone else to respond. It can also be used for collaboration between friends or family members.

WhatsApp has been expanding its services rapidly lately, and this is just the latest addition to its growing list of features. The company recently announced that it would be adding support for Unicode characters in messages, and it is also working on a new AI-powered chatbot.

Google updates its Maps app with new features

Google has updated its Maps app with a number of new features this month. One of the most important updates is the addition of transit information for over 1,500 cities in the US. This means that users can now find out how to get to their destination using public transportation, as well as ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Another new feature is the ability to view traffic updates in real time. This allows users to avoid traffic congestion by knowing when routes will be closed due to an accident or construction.

Finally, Google has added support for wheelchair accessibility on iOS and Android devices. This makes it easier for people with disabilities to use Google Maps.

Chrome is released with a redesign of the Omnibox and new extensions

This past month, there were a lot of cool things that happened in the world of digital. One of the coolest things was Chrome releasing its redesigned Omnibox. This new version has a more modern look and feel, and it also includes new extensions.

Another great thing that happened this month was Instagram announcing its new live video feature. This feature allows users to broadcast live videos from their Instagram account without having to leave the app. This is a great way to share your experiences with friends and family members, and it will definitely be popular among online viewers.

Finally, there was news about Apple releasing a new version of its iOS operating system. This new version includes several new features, most notably a revamped search engine that makes finding content easier than ever.

Mozilla releases Firefox Quantum, its fastest browser yet

Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum, a new browser that is much faster than previous versions.

This month was especially exciting for the digital world as Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. This new browser is much faster than previous versions and offers better performance overall.

Mozilla also released updates to its other browsers, including Chrome, Opera, and Safari. These updates make those browsers more user-friendly and efficient.

Overall, this month was exciting for the digital world as all of the major browsers released new updates that improve user experience.

Uber acquires Otto, an autonomous trucking startup

This month in Digi World, Uber acquired Otto, an autonomous trucking startup. This acquisition signals Uber’s continued commitment to expanding its autonomous capabilities.

Otto was founded by Travis Kalanick, the former CEO of Uber. Kalanick is a leader in the development of self-driving technology and was previously the CEO of Expedia. The acquisition of Otto will help Uber to improve its autonomous trucking capabilities.

This acquisition is also significant because it shows that Uber is not only focused on ride-sharing services; it is also interested in developing new transportation technologies. This move could set the stage for future collaborations between Uber and other automakers.


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