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Contemperory Paintings And Painter- Buy Indian Paintings Online

When we start to buy Indian paintings online, we must be aware of the famous contemporary paintings and their artists. With the growing demand for Indian contemporary paintings for home and office decor, the professionals and artists make sure to present the best in their ability. 

In order to enhance their art- they make sure to follow the work of the great history makers. Some of such names are the ones we will be talking about. But, before you read further, get a glance at the great contemporary paintings available with online websites such as Indian Art Ideas. 

Buy Indian Paintings Online of Raja Ravi Verma- Rama Vanquishing the pride of ocean 

The Artists

The oleographs of Raja Ravi Verma’s gods and goddesses are revered in millions of homes, making him the most popular Hindu artist. He is credited with introducing the new medium of “oil on canvas” to India. He was born on April 29, 1848, into a royal family in the little hamlet of Killamanoor in Kerala state. In gratitude for his forefathers’ contributions, Maharaj of Travancore granted his family the village killamanoor in perpetuity.

He was born with artistic talent. He was dispatched to Maharaj of Travancore Ayilyam Tirunal at the age of 14 to offer three miniature paintings. It saw his aptitude and provided him with a room at a palace where he could study Thanjavour traditional painting from palace painter Rama swami Naidu. Later, he studied European painting with British painter Theodor Jonson.

The Art 

The painting is based on a scene from the Ramayana of Valmiki. The angry ocean thwarted attempts to build a bridge. If the “Varuna” did not allow the bridge to be built, Rama threatened to destroy him. Only this energy was capable of crossing the seas to reach Lanka.

Buy Indian Paintings Online of Jamini Roy – Mother & Child 

The Artist

Jamini Roy was a 20th-century painter whose style of painting always reminds us that modernity does not imply abandoning our great history of art and culture. For him, art was a purpose. He was born in 1887 to a middle-class family in Beliator village, Bankura district, West Bengal. In 1903, he enrolled in Abanindra Nath Tagore’s government college of art and craft in Calcutta. He disliked working in either the conventional Bengal school style or the European impressionist style after completing his schooling.

Finally, his paintings have gained international recognition. Jamini Roy’s style is distinct in that it combines traditionalism with originality and modernism. stopped painting on canvas about the mid-1930s. He painted with natural colors on linen, woods, and even lime-coated mats as painting media. He painted scenes from the Ramayana, Radha-Krishna, Jesus Christ, and other Hindu mythologies.

The Art

Famous Bengali artist Jamini Roy painted this watercolor tempera of a mother and child in 1930. A standing mother holds her naked infant with her left hand on her left waist in this artwork, and both of them have fish-shaped open eyes and prominent eyebrows. . The right palm of the mother’s hand is red.  As a result, the whole piece is incredibly rhythmic and appealing. This folk-type artwork is reminiscent of Kali ghat because of the perfect usage of vermilion, yellow ochre, brown, green-blue, black, and white finishes.

Buy Indian Paintings Online of M F Husein- Mother Teresa

The Artists

Maqbool Fida Husain was a well-known modern Indian painter. He was born in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, in 1915 and spent a brief time at the Indore School of Art.  He’s worked in oil, acrylic, water colour, charcoal, and other mediums. He depicted social life in horses, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Buddha’s life, the Bangladesh conflict, Madhuri Dixit, and Madonna, among other subjects. He painted women in particular with a poetic and intense style. When he moved to Mumbai in 1936, he began his work as a movie burner painter.

The Art

Mother Teresa is a well-known figure throughout the world. She is well-known for his compassion, commitment, and love for orphans and the poor. Husain created this pious woman in oil on canvas in his manner in 1988. Husain used two conical yellow and light brown pillars to divide the picture into three vertical sections. The middle section is larger than the left and right. Husain used a black tone to paint her face, which is devoid of features.

Two sisters or devotees of mother, both with featureless dark features and dressed up as a mother in white sarees, are portrayed in the middle half, one of whom has lifted her hands in blessing ways. A reclining male figure in Indian red lies in his sister’s lap, encircling the entire canvas from left to right. His left leg is likewise in his mother’s lap, and his hand is being touched by an attendant. One of the sisters’ white veils is depicted extended toward the right portion. The majority of the colors appear flat, but the bright and dark tone vibrations are magically noticeable. The lines are bold, crisp, and expressive. It is now part of the National Gallery of Modern Art’s collection in New Delhi.

Wrap up:

While you ensure the idea of learning about Contemperory paintings, shop for yourself. Buy Indian Paintings Online and get some amazing deals for your house and office decor. 

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