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Complete Guidance To Hire Magento 2 Developer Expert

Only a decade ago, Magento 1 websites were generally static and followed the “one action – one-page” approach. Furthermore, the server-side logic that generates and displays its content was rendered. As a result, there was no need to hire an expert to oversee the implementation of graphic aspects. This was done by either a back-end developer or a layout designer who knew JavaScript.

The rise of Magento 2.x and the surge of e-commerce has significantly altered the methodology of Magento development. So the basic need to hire Magento 2 developer has become necessary because Magento 2 is more modular architecture and is built on innovative frameworks to provide the stores with a new, smart design with dynamic components. jQuery, Knockout.js, and Require.js have all become essential tools if developers want to work efficiently with JavaScript in Magento 2.

Developers Must Use This Technology Stack

As previously stated, the world of e-commerce has altered drastically. As more firms construct progressive web apps for their stores, the number of effective PWA examples grows.

This new trend started with React.js, a JavaScript package used to develop dynamic parts on webpages, and it eventually made its way to e-commerce. Add to that Magento’s PWA Studio, which debuted at the end of 2019.

  • For the time being, Lancome, Adidas, Snapdeal, Flipcart, 5Miles, and other well-known e-commerce shops are abandoning traditional websites in favor of dynamic web applications. The technology gradually replaces traditional websites, leading to headless commerce. It’s no surprise. PWAs are incredibly fast, safe, and dependable, with outstanding UX from any device. Needless to say, it is critical for today’s buyers.
  • The introduction of PWAs into e-commerce has significantly altered the market. Right now, we can say that Magento developers are being divided into two groups:
  • Back-end developers are in charge of PHP logic on the server side.
  • Front-end developers who use ReactJS to construct user interfaces.

The job specification for a Magento eCommerce front-end developer might vary substantially depending on the tasks assigned to the expert.

What should a Magento front-end developer do?

They begin by developing and customizing Magento 2 themes, layouts, templates, JS, CSS, and other front-end components. They can also use the Admin Panel to alter the look of certain pages and apply design-related adjustments.

So, what knowledge and skills should a Magento front-end developer have to be aligned with the times?

First and foremost, this individual should be familiar with at least one of the modern JavaScript frameworks: React.js, Vue.js, or any other. They can design reusable UI components for mobile and web applications if they are familiar with the standards.

  • They should be familiar with common markup languages (HTML, CSS).
  • A skilled front-end developer must be acquainted with Magento 2. (they must know its architecture and customization techniques, technology stack requirements, GraphQL, etc.).
  • Many e-commerce firms began to switch their stores to PWAs at the start of 2020. A developer must be familiar with the Magento PWA Studio library and tools to design a Magento PWA Storefront.

How to Hire a Magento Front-end Developer? 

After reading all of the requirements imposed on a front-end developer, you’re undoubtedly frustrated and wondering whether such people exist and where to get them.

Indeed, finding a professional with all of the aforementioned expertise and skills is nearly challenging. The fast adoption of progressive web apps has fundamentally altered how e-commerce organizations hire front-end engineers. As a result, the community was unable to foster them.

  1. Hire an experienced React.js developer.

This approach is only viable if you have an experienced Magento back-end developer on staff or are willing to hire one. As a result, the hired front-end developer will be in charge of creating PWA Storefronts using a JS framework (React.js, Vue.js), while the back-end expert will make sure that there are no server-side problems with Magento.

  1. Hire a Magento full-stack developer.

In some circumstances, it makes sense to hire someone well-versed in Magento 2, who has learned React.js, and who has a portfolio full of PWA projects. After all, learning new things, such as React.js, is rather simple, but if you have no idea how the overall platform works, this will cause problems.

This is a wonderful solution for small and medium-sized e-commerce firms. The problem is that experienced Magento developers with React.js skills and a vast portfolio of successful PWA projects are hard to come by.

Where Are Magento Front-end Developers To Be Found?

Inquire about the person’s expertise with the most recent version of Magento 2 (the most crucial item) and other talents the potential employee possesses, and discuss milestones and the capacity to modify things if urgent scenarios arise. Don’t overlook modern web applications. Inquire with your candidate about their experience developing PWAs using React.js, emphasizing the difficulties most appropriate to your project.

Is the Magento 2 Front-end Certification Critical?

Magento applied for a professional Front-end Developer Certification some time ago, intending to verify a greater standard of both theoretical and practical knowledge sufficient for handling and customizing UI/UX and theming elements, as well as implementing design-related configurations via the Admin Panel (so, some back-end knowledge is also required). To earn a certificate, developers must pass an exam demonstrating the applicability of their front-end skills.

Magento 2 front-end workers must have a grip on the followings aspects:

  • theme building
  • understanding design configurations
  • layout XML in themes
  • customization of template files
  • static asset deployment
  • customization of JS files, and others

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