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Common struggles people face when working from home, and how to fix them

Many people have turned their dream of working from home into reality since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, work-from-home challenges are tough to meet. We have changed the way we work forever, and there is no going back.

We all love doing Zoom meetings in our pajamas and hanging out with our pets all day. But working remotely also has its drawbacks. Following are a few challenges of working from home and a few tips on how to mitigate the issues.

Collaboration and communication

Face-to-face communication is hard enough, but doing it online is even more challenging. People tend to rely on nonverbal cues for communication. You will find it challenging to communicate effectively when you work from home, for this reason.

Take advantage of your team’s communication capabilities by utilizing best-in-class tools, such as Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Plan regular team meetings to keep everyone informed. If you are a team leader, consider having an open-door policy, so your team can approach you with questions about their work. In addition, freelancers and entrepreneurs should stay in touch with clients and vendors frequently to ensure expectations are aligned and operations run smoothly.

Work from home challenges: Loneliness

Loneliness has a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being as well as your performance, especially when you work alone from home.

In order for remote workers to thrive, leaders need to provide them with the tools they need. Plan to interact with others outside of work if you are working from home. Try video conferencing with friends and family, or go to a coworking space or library to work. Of course, be sure to respect the COVID-19 safety guidelines in your area.

Not being able to unplug

Living and working in the same space can blur the line between your work and personal life, making it difficult to relax and switch off after a long day. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is difficult in such circumstances.

Set aside dedicated office space in your home. If you can, move your office to another location, like a coffee shop. This will allow you to create boundaries between your private and professional lives.

Work from home challenges: Distractions at home

A pile of dirty dishes or a dusty bookcase can draw the attention of even the most disciplined and organized remote team members. An interruption that was meant to last 20 minutes turns into two hours. Those who live with family or roommates also experience periodic, concentration-busting interruptions.

If possible, close the door and ask your co-residents not to interrupt you unless there is an emergency. If possible, find a quiet place in your home to work and remove all distractions.

You may try your best to find the best corners to work from home but the irritating noise will find its way to distract you. Since working from home has become the new normal, most people prefer to work remotely from a quaint and tranquil area. You can make working from home your advantage if you choose to work from a home away from your home. You can own the premium apartments in North Goa and make your new home a comfortable and distraction-free working space. 

Conflicting timezones

In today’s world, there are more and more companies that work across time zones, making it difficult to coordinate with coworkers across continents.

Collaboration with international teams can be enhanced by using project management tools, instant messaging, and file sharing. Managers should encourage their team members to set regular working hours and share them with the rest of the team.


Whether you’re an employee working from home or a self-employed freelancer, it’s easy to lose motivation. You can lose sight of your long-term career goals if you don’t receive external inputs and interact with colleagues. This can lead to a lack of motivation. Add on top of that the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s no wonder remote teams are losing motivation.

Identify your long-term goals. Include objectives related to your career, finances, and personal goals. Consider posting them on the wall in your workspace to keep them fresh in your mind. Maintain a constant focus on them by reviewing them frequently. Attending industry events and conferences can also help motivate you. Keeping your boss informed of your career goals will help them keep you on track.

In addition to other options, nature is the best source of inspiration and motivation you can look for. Turning to nature when feeling low or searching for out-of-the-box ideas can bring in the new energy to think positively and creatively. In a situation, when working from home is the only choice you have, you can own the best available luxury homes for sale in Goa. These homes are thoughtfully designed to suit your every needs and they are located amidst a huge inviting carpet of greenery. 

Work from home challenges: Finding reliable wifi

One of the other work-from-home challenges is that it can be frustrating for everyone when their internet connection is slow or their technology is outdated.

It is your responsibility as a leader to make sure your remote team members have all they need to stay connected. Make sure they have the latest versions of the apps and software you use. Perhaps you could even reimburse your team’s internet costs so they can invest in the fastest connection possible.

Your personal devices can act as a backup in case your work computer fails as a remote worker.  In an emergency, you may also want to know where there are Wi-Fi hotspots near your home.

Time management

It may seem like a dream for many remote workers to manage their own schedules, but it’s actually one of the biggest challenges of working from home. You need the discipline to manage your time well, even if your working hours are a little more flexible. Without discipline, you can procrastinate or take too many naps.

Routine allows our bodies and brains to function well, so choose the hours that work for you and stick to them. You might find it beneficial to keep traditional working hours, or you might prefer to prioritize family time.

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