Common Reasons For Mobile Repair

It’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone. They have become such an incredible part of our lives now. This is why when something happens with our phones, it affects us as well. While there can be several issues with our phones daily, most of them either get resolved on their own or after restarting the device.

For more grave issues, you may need to visit a mobile repair centre to get a professional diagnosis. Issues like a broken screen or other hardware issues are something that a restart can’t solve. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these common problems that require mobile repair.

Broken Screen

A broken screen might be the most common problem that most smartphone users face. Sometimes, a small drop from the sofa can also make your device partially or completely unusable. Having a screen guard and reliable cover applied to your device sure helps in protecting the phone from such instances but it can still happen anyway.

Instead of panicking over a shattered screen, you should look for every possible thing you can do to fix it. If the phone is under warranty and the manufacturer will replace the device or screen free of cost, great. If not, turn towards trusted mobile repair centres like Rapid Repair which have served thousands of customers to fix their iPhones and One Plus devices.

Charging Port Issue

If your smartphone is charging slowly or not charging at all, there can only be two culprits. Either the cable is faulty or the port. While a faulty cable can be easily replaced, the charging port, not so much. There can be several reasons for the charging port not working: accumulation of dust or debris in the port, corrosion in the port due to wet or humid conditions, hardware damage from dropping the device.

If you can clean the port by yourself, try to do it. If there is no change in the charging situation, contact your nearest trusted service centre for a professional look.

Water Damage

Spilling water or coffee on your phone can be a great way of forcing yourself to buy a new one. Water damage can be fatal for a smartphone and with the change in working conditions with most of us stuck in our homes, the number of people damaging their phone with something liquid has increased.

There are several home remedies and tips you can try to dry out the device like putting it in rice, using a blow dryer, splitting the phone into different components, or using a soft cloth to absorb the water. However, these tricks don’t always work hence it is important that rather than delaying and keeping your phone wet for a long time, contact a repair centre immediately. Let the professionals work out the issue and try to salvage the device as much as they can.

Speaker Not Working

It’s common for speakers on a phone to start degrading once the phone ages but if your device is just a couple of years old and the speaker’s performance has degraded noticeably, it might be time for a visit to the nearest mobile repair centre.

Rebooting and resetting the device tends to fix temporary issues with the speaker but water damage or fall can cause permanent damage to the speaker. Hardware issues won’t get fixed with simple resets or updates. Get the device diagnosed by a professional to get to the root of the cause and fix it as well.

Camera Issues

Another area of issue for a number of users has been the smartphone camera. Cameras can be one of the most used or most ignored parts of a smartphone depending on the user and their preferences. But no matter what kind of user you are, you’d be concerned if your main camera is showing a blank screen or if the flash isn’t working at all.

Cameras are not just important for clicking photos but are used to unlock phones through Face-ID, making it important to ensure that the cameras are working properly. Try resetting the device, updating the software as well as cleaning the camera surface to see if it’s working. If nothing changes, consult with a mobile repair shop to understand what’s wrong with the device and how can it be fixed.

Rapid Repair to the Rescue

If you’re an Apple or OnePlus user and facing any of the above issues, Rapid Repair is here to help you. We are one of the most trusted mobile repair service providers in India for Apple and OnePlus devices and have served more than 5000 happy customers till now. We are available all over India thanks to our delivery partners that will take the damaged phone from your hands and deliver it completely fixed without you having to go out at all.

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