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Common Medical College Interview Questions in 2022

Today, I’ll share tips on how to answer the most frequently asked interviews for medical Colleges during the medical College application process. Interview experts often use similar questions to assist our students who have been successful with our interview preparation program. I’ve seen these kinds of questions pop up during traditional panel types of interviews altered personal interviews (MPI) and even multiple mini-interviews (MMI). It is likely that you will see questions such as “Why medicine?” or ” Why do you want to be a doctor?”

medical college

Common medical College interview question. “Tell me about yourself.”


In this blog post I’ll provide you with specific guidelines on how to respond to the questions in a way that shows the person you are, from my experiences as an ex-medical College admissions officer. This question helps get people talking as well as to gain an idea of whether you are able to provide an organized, relevant answer to an open-ended question.

Start from the beginning, especially when your starting point has distinctive characteristics or if you’re a not a traditional applicant. “I was born in” …”” or “I am from” …” are good starting points. You can then work on defining your early years with something you liked during your teenage years or something that makes you stand out from the other candidates. This helps to mark your life experience, as well as your appearance in the minds of interviewers. For instance, if you declare “I grew up really focused on gymnastics and was a competitor until I began University,” then the interviewer will get an instant and immediate connection to you and gymnastics.


This helps to make a lasting impression. Make sure you include the details of any memorable or life-changing moments that helped shape your character. You must be honest about your emotions regarding the life-altering incident because you need to be at ease throughout the interview. If talking about your parents’ divorce is going to make you cry – which it is completely normal to do and normal – then you ought to stay clear of the topic.

If, however, you’ve been terribly affected by the fact that your family moved, when you were a child in your home country and back, it’s beneficial to incorporate this into your intro. After that, you should include the mandatory phrase about the place you attended undergraduate and, if appropriate graduate studies. If you have studied a specific area, mention the overall subject or subject you studied in your research.

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After establishing the fundamentals, the next step is to begin by describing who you are in a deeper and more profound manner. It is important to avoid writing a summary or recap of your resume; instead, emphasize the two or three key aspects which you feel truly separate you from the applicants. These are typically associated with a doctor. You can demonstrate your traits or qualities by telling an account of your life.

If the quality you pick is empathy you could describe a moment when you were in the shoes of someone else and were able to solve a problem or assist someone in coping better. It is possible to begin this portion of your answer by declaring, “I think if I were forced to use just one word to define my character.” in the next sentence, I would tell us about the story.

It is essential to back up your assertion with an anecdote or explanation. it’s not enough to claim, “I would consider myself an empathetic person.”

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