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Cloud Hosting or VPS hosting- Which is the best pick for your new website?

Many businesses nowadays dwell between the choice of choosing Cloud hosting and VPS hosting for their business. Both of these hosting solutions come with advantages and drawbacks. It is up to you to decide which one is suiting the best your business requirement. 

To help you make the informed decision, we will explain everything you need to know about Cloud hosting and VPS hosting. 

What is Cloud hosting? 

Cloud hosting refers to hosting that utilizes a network of virtual machines, all of which use a network of connected physical servers for infrastructure. With all these virtual machines interlinked together, Cloud hosting functions like a giant VPS. Hosting resources for each website are available on each cloud server in the cluster of the cloud. This allows access to websites hosted in the cloud from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud hosting means that the services, such as storage, SSH, FTP, SFTP, and email, are provided by multiple servers simultaneously. This is very reliable because as many resources are allocated to each server at the same time, resulting in a very stable hosting environment. 

Benefits of Cloud hosting 

  1. The cloud system is relatively reliable since your website is hosted on a virtual partition spread across multiple networks. When one server fails, this will slightly affect the cloud system but it will not have a large effect on your website. 
  1. Many physical servers safeguard the cloud services against unauthorized access and interruption from third parties. 
  1. that is highly economical as compared to dedicated server and shared hosting. In cloud hosting, you pay for only what you use.  
  1. The benefits of cloud hosting include scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Since you get resources available to you in real time as you request them, cheap cloud server hosting does not have the limitations that come with traditional hosting.

What is VPS hosting? 

As the name suggests, a VPS is a virtual server that is hosted on one physical server, but has several smaller virtual servers attached to it. Although these servers are part of the same physical server, they act independently as individual servers. 

In addition, because each VPS server is devoted to one user, you will have your own allocated resources and be able to customize your partition of the server exactly how you want. Furthermore, you will not share data or files between your accounts.

VPS hosting does come with a risk. If one physical server fails, then every VPS running on that server will also fail. The performance of a cheap VPS hosting India may also change if one site occupies too much space in the physical server, although most hosting providers divide the resources among several sites.

Benefits of VPS hosting 

  1. With VPS hosting, you get complete control over the server. You can manage your server as per your convenience. 
  1. It gives you full root access over the server. You are free to install any software or tool to improve the efficiency of your website or applications.
  2. Since you get guaranteed resources allotted to you, VPS server leads to improved performance of your server. 
  3. VPS hosting is absolutely secure. All the files on the server stays private and no other client on the server has access to it. 


So, if your business receives medium to high traffic, Cloud hosting or VPS Hosting both make for a good choice. All you need to do is to analyze your business needs and pick the one that best fulfills your business requirements. Pick the right hosting solution and take your business to new heights. 

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