Choose The Gojek Clone App For Your On Demand Multi Service Business

Whether it is hiring someone to fix your plumbing, or getting a cab, the Gojek clone app has made it extremely simple for users to simply click a few buttons on their smart phones and get whatever they need. This is why; the Gojek clone app has become one of the most sought after on demand solution in the market in the present times. 

With the help of this app, even service providers have benefited a lot. What used to be an extremely difficult task has become an easy thing to do. With the help of the digital prowess of the Gojek clone app, service providers can easily find jobs. They can reach out to a larger audience instantly. 

The app becomes a platform where the service providers can sell their services with details such as their experience, expertise and pricing as per the market requirements. The users can make an informed decision regarding who they wish to hire based on the information that is shared. 


The Gojek clone app is built on the structure of the primary Gojek app. It was initially started in Indonesia as a bike taxi booking platform, but today, it has evolved into a multi service platform that allows access for the users to over 70 different services. 

Even though the app is called a cloned app, the entire app is built from scratch. It takes a team of over 10 resources including app designers, developers, writers, we developers and analysts almost a couple of years to produce a practical and marketable app that your users and service providers can use not to mention how expensive it is to build the app. 

This is probably why; most entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start off their own business with the help of the Gojek clone app, look forward to purchasing an off the shelf ready made on demand Gojek clone app built by a white label on demand mobile app development company. 

There are thousands of developers and full fledged on demand mobile app development companies who have put in their resources to building the best and the most feature rich on demand Gojek clone app versions. This app can be licensed and white labelled for different entrepreneurs so that they can start their own unique multi service app based business. 


As mentioned above, there are thousands of companies that have started building their own versions of the Gojek clone app. This is what makes it extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to pick the right app that suits all their business requirements. 

For example, if the app owner plans to launch their business in a location where the first language is not English, they must look for a Gojek clone app that has the local language of their choice integrated into the app. 

The other factor might be currency. If the entrepreneur plans to launch the app in a country where dollars is not their first currency, then it is very important for you to opt for an app in which the app development team can integrate the choice of local currency into the app. 


As discussed above, the process of white labelling is one of the most important things when it comes to on demand apps, they are primarily sold by licensing a version of the app after white labelling it for their clients. 

In order to make sure that their app is up to their own standards, an app owner has to make sure that they get their app white labelled to their custom changes. Using the process of white labelling the on demand mobile app development company adds the logo and brand name of the app owner all over the app while removing any trace of them having built it. They can also integrate your choice of local language and your chance of local currency.

Ensure that you speak to your on demand mobile app development company before hand so that they can set you up with a demo of the app. This will allow you to explore the app completely and understand every landing page and every feature of this app beautifully. 


The world of on demand mobile apps is evolving continuously as the demand for a single app based platform is continuously growing. This is why; if you wish to make it big in this industry, it is time for you to purchase your own launch ready on demand Gojek clone app with lots of features so that you can enter this industry and claim your own throne. 

Just make sure that you purchase your app from a reputed and reliable on demand white label mobile app development company that has the experience of building and launching at least a thousand on demand apps on the Google Play stores and the iOS app stores. 

Archie Cadell

Archie Cadell is a content writer and marketing strategist at a mobile app development company, based in the Southern East. She loves to write stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing solution for application.

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