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BE-CU Prototype is a modern Swiss cnc machining machine shop with a team of manufacturers that is dedicated to providing the best value and quality to our customers. We are passionate about the success of our customers, employees, and company. We know that your success is our success, and our team of highly talented individuals is aligned in relentlessly pursuing that common goal.

BE-CU Prototype thrives by helping our customers stay competitive in the broader market and driving innovation throughout our management and manufacturing systems. Our efforts have caused us to be recognized and trusted to deliver value to our customers and inspire pride in our employees. Time and again, we make it exceptionally easy for our customers to work with us. Thanks to our continued investment in technologically advanced china cnc machining shop, support equipment, information technology, and employee training, we provide our customers with a sustained competitive advantage.

BE-CU Prototype was established in 1995, but our roots go back to the craftsmanship found in watchmaking. Our modern equipment grew out of the high precision, high production watch-making industry.

In July 2013, we moved into our newly remodeled 25,000-square-foot building. The move allowed us to lay out our equipment efficiently and organize employees into self-directed teams. Employees are trained to take full responsibility for their product, from when they receive a work order to when it is packaged. BE-CU Prototype strives to be an innovative leader in the Swiss screw machine products industry.

Our roots may be 19th-century craftsmanship, but we are a 21st-century company. Our company is built on a foundation of the knowledge and appreciation of the workmanship and pride of the skilled workers who came before us.Be-Cu provides the highest standard of precision cnc machining,metal etching and rapid prototyping service for all your needs. Contact us today to know more about what we offer!

Sales: Bella
    Phone: +86 151 1280 7161
    Affiliated: Be-cu Prototype
    Address: Dongguan,China

Learn how our CNC rapid prototyping service can benefit your project by requesting a free project review. You can also chat with our team here.

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