Car Exterior Styling Accessories – Get your car the new look you want.

The car exterior styling accessories are add ons which can be bought from the market or companies. They add a custom touch and look to the exterior styling of your car. 

The following is a list of common exterior Styling Add Ons available for Indian cars:

1) Alloys / Alloy wheel protectors:/

This accessory offers alloys (rims) protection against scratches and cracks due to stones or other hard elements hitting them and exposing the metal beneath and rusting it away over time. Alloy wheel protectors are basically skid-resistant tape stuck with a strong adhesive on the alloy, which is usually of a different color from the alloy. This exterior accessory has been around for over 15 years in India and varies in quality from brand to brand.

2) Car mud flaps:

These add ons are designed to put some distance between your car’s paint and whatever element it deals with on-road while you drive. Thus protecting your car’s paint from being hit by small stones or other road elements that harm paint. They also look very sporty and go well with some car styles more than others. 

3) Wiper Blades:

Different car manufacturers use different wiper blades models as car accessories. If you have a car that uses a particular model of wiper blade, you can easily buy it from the manufacturer’s website or even regular retailers near your area. But if it is not available, there are many generic ones available in the market which work just as well. Usually, there are only 2 types of wiper blades – flat and curved. It would be a good idea to have a spare pair since it gets pretty annoying if the wiper blade you were using breaks at a critical time during a monsoon or something equally as bad.

4) Side skirts:

Aside skirt is also an add-on that extends from the original body of the car, but downwards this time. It is meant to cover and protect the lower part of your car’s sides from scratches and other road debris. It also gives a more aggressive look to your car’s profile.

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5) Rear bumper spoilers:

Rear bumper spoilers are exactly what they sound like – spoilers attached to the rear bumper of the car. They come in different shapes and sizes and are meant to improve the car’s aerodynamics by reducing air drag. They also look sporty and can enhance the look of the car.

6) Rear window spoiler:

A rear window spoiler is a small, mostly triangular-shaped spoiler that is attached to the rear windshield of the car. It is meant to improve the car’s aerodynamics by reducing air drag. It also looks sporty and can enhance the look of the car.

7) Hood scoops:

Hood scoops are add ons which are designed to increase the airflow into the engine bay, and thus improve performance. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually made of plastic or fiberglass. Some are functional, while others are not.

8) Roof/boot spoilers:

A roof spoiler is an add-on which attaches to the roof’ edge and extends slightly towards the rear or front of a car . They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually made of plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Some are functional, while others are not. Their purpose mirrors that of a rear bumper spoiler – improving aerodynamics by reducing air drag and increasing downforce. They also look sporty but require more clearance from the road as it’s higher from the ground than those found at the rear end of the car.

9) Colored Rear view mirrors:

This is an aftermarket accessory that changes the color of your rear-view mirrors to give your car a unique flavor or make you stand out from other cars on the road. You can also buy sticker kits for your rear-view mirrors which have a variety of patterns and color schemes to choose from.

10) Grills:

The grills on a car are basically metal mesh frames fitted into the body of the car through which engine bay fans suck in the fresh air, thus cooling it before pumping it back into the engine bay. These are very common accessories for cars these days and come in different colors and sizes.

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