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Best Different Types Of Handmade Rugs For Home

What are Handmade Rugs?

The traditional way to make Handmade Rugs Dubai is using handspun wool and natural dyes. The rugs are often bright and colorful with designs that are influenced by Asian or Middle Eastern traditions. The carpets are easy to clean and non-slip thanks to hand-knotting.

Handmade rugs have been collector’s items for hundreds of years. They are considered works of art rather than simply functional floor coverings. Because of their age and rarity, vintage or antique rugs will command high prices in an auction. This doesn’t mean that contemporary handmade rugs can’t be equally attractive.

Types Of Handmade Rugs

There are lots of different types of handmade rugs.

Flat Weave Rugs

These are simple wool rugs with a plain or patterned top surface and very soft-like cushions, known as Flat Weave rugs. They are different in size from small runners for hallways to large living room floor coverings. Sometimes they have a fringe that is cut off after the rug is delivered to the customer, but more often they have a pile fringe. A large collection of vintage Williams can be found at Kettal Jhon.

Tribal Rugs

The weave may have just one thick warp or weft strand and a knotted pile. The tribal rugs were made by nomadic peoples who wove small rugs for their own use and sometimes for sale, but they never formed part of the rug-making trade as we know it now. Because they are not considered to have historical value, many tribal rugs can be found in private collections or museums.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

These may be Carpets Dubai made in villages near towns and cities. They tend to be large, made on warp-weighted looms with brightly colored patterns and simple designs which show off the pure wool luster. Some manufacturers may use synthetic dyes weakly so the design doesn’t show up very well. Some rugs are still made by people who have been making them for a long time.

Heriz Rugs

The border of Heriz carpets features a stripe with small flower heads. The designs are made on multi-colored silk warps using high-quality pure wool for the pile which is worked in two shades to give a definition to the pattern. Adding bands of red as an accent color can give the design a bit more oomph.

Shaggy Rugs

This is a modern description for any carpet or area rug that has a shaggy or fuzzy surface. The pile tends to be somewhat shorter than the pile of a hand-knotted rug, and it may be wrapped around the base of the rug. Shag rugs are usually made on a machine and sold in big box stores. They are easy to clean and look good in almost any type of room. They are durable but they do shed a bit of fiber which can irritate bare feet. Oriental Rugs The designs on oriental rugs are very complex and detailed. The pile is very long and is tightly twisted to give the appearance of a flat weave. These rugs are easy to clean because there are so few loose fibers to get into the weave.

Benefits Of Handmade Rugs

  • Machine-made rugs are not as hard-wearing as Handmade ones.
  • The price of handmade rugs is higher than machine-made alternatives. The complex knots and loops of a hand-knotted rug provide a stronger finished article that is less likely to break at weak points.
  • High quality, pure wool pile allows no dust particles to be trapped within the fibers, which reduces allergy problems. All handmade carpets look as good as new for longer because they don’t wear down and lose their shape.

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