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Do you want to know the difference between a honed and a polished finish? Then stop looking! When it comes to natural stone countertops, there are numerous options, including the stone type, color, edges, and treatment. Something as simple as the polish can dramatically alter the appearance of the stone as well as the overall design of your room. Cutting Edge Countertops Store is here to help you decide which finish choosing for your project.

When a stone slab is honed, it has been ground to a smooth, flat, consistent surface. This finish is achieved by ceasing polishing before the final stage, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte appearance and velvet-like touch. The definition of polished is the inverse! The natural reflection of the stone’s crystals gives a lovely glossy shine on a polished surface. Quartz, as an alternative to marble-like countertops, can provide marble’s wonderful look and feel while being more durable and requiring less overall upkeep. Marble-look countertops are available in several hues and can be honed or polished based on your lifestyle requirements.


Characteristics of Honed Marble Countertops:

Because honed marble has a matte appearance, it is more scratch-resistant. Even if honed marble is scratched, the scratch will be less visible since it will not be as visible when light bounces off it as it would on a polished surface. On the other hand, the honed stone is more prone to stains, so spills should be wiped up immediately. Furthermore, a matte finish is less slippery than a polished finish when wet, making it an excellent choice for flooring.

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Recap of Honed Stone:

Matte finish

Feel: Satin/Velvet

Scratch resistance; yet, readily soiled

Maintenance: Wipe with soap and water regularly; clean up spills quickly, and re-seal as needed.

Countertops and heavy traffic areas, such as floors in the bathroom, foyer, or living room, are suggested applications.

Honed Surface


Characteristics of a Polished Countertop:

Polished stone is coated, which works as a protectant and makes it less stain-resistant. As a result of the highly shiny surface, scratches are more evident. Because polished stone is exceedingly smooth, it may be quite slippery when wet, making it a problematic option for flooring in high-traffic areas or bathrooms. It is, nevertheless, a traditional material for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Recap of Polished Marble:

The appearance is glossy.

Feel: Silky

Scratch and etch readily, but more stain-resistant.

Cleaning with soap and water regularly; wipe up spills quickly.

Application Suggestions: Kitchen and bathroom counters, fireplace surrounds, and walls

Stone materials have been utilized in dwellings for centuries Countertops Store. If you look around your house today, you will likely find some type of stone working as a countertop in your kitchen or bathroom vanity. Natural and engineered stones have become commonplace in most kitchens and bathrooms due to differing durability, adaptability, and manageability. While these are the most frequent places to use natural stone, quartz, or compact surface, they all have one thing: they should not be confined to countertop projects. Using stone outside the kitchen or bathroom may help elevate and change your area, whether it’s a fireplace surround, outdoor kitchen, or mudroom.

Creating Vibrant Environments

Believe it or not, Bold wallpaper is a 2022 trend you don’t want to miss. We’re not talking about old, deteriorating wallpaper. Prints and bright colors are in! People express themselves through color, putting compact surfaces on bathroom walls, or introducing a creative element into space by finishing a table with a granite or marble top.

Granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, quartzite, and compact surface are just a few of the materials available from Cutting Edge Countertops. Contact Cutting Edge Countertops to find out which material is appropriate for your shower walls, bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, and other uses.

Greening Up

While it may be difficult to imagine that green would be a hot style in 2022, its fresh and natural attributes attract homes to its pleasant charm Countertops Store. Bringing green into a place creates a sense of welcome and belonging while representing new development.

Another popular alternative is to replace your kitchen countertops with natural stone, which represents the beauty of mother nature and provides the possibility for a one-of-a-kind stone.

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You might think of sustainability when you think about green. Solar panels, new windows, and improved irrigation systems are all becoming more popular. People are finding that making their homes more sustainable is simple and can frequently save money in the long term!

Home Offices With so many individuals working from home, offices are essential. People are sick of working from their guest rooms and are transforming spare rooms into home offices.

Making a space, you enjoy being in will help you get through the workday. Whether you favor natural tones or vivid and brilliant hues in your workspace, a home office is a must in 2022.

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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors are another simple home improvement project Countertops Store. Large mirrors make a room appear larger than it is. They may also help open up a room to make it feel bright and airy, which is ideal for areas with few or no windows.

Adding windows is a more involved than simply purchasing mirrors, but individuals are adopting this concept to change their homes. People want to bring the outdoors inside, as we’ve seen with a few other trends. When adding or upgrading existing windows, natural light will enter the home and provide a sense of openness.

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