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Best Cities in the Philippines to Buy a Condominium

People have been wondering if it is already the best time to invest in real estate properties, particularly a condominium, during this Pandemic. Looking at the situation in various cities, the government has already begun to roll out vaccination programs to the public, implying that the Pandemic restriction may be lifted. As a result, managing your money is critical during this difficult period. In addition, by making sound financial decisions, you should be aware of and take note of the best cities for your investment.

As we all know, the Philippines is the ideal country to invest in real estate in because of the country’s growing economy, President Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program, and South East Asia’s highest ease of doing business ranking. You might want to think about why the real estate market is seeing an increase in demand, particularly from international investors. Now that you’ve learned why the country has consistently ranked first in real estate, it’s time to learn about the greatest cities to consider for your investible funds.


There is no denying that Davao City is the ideal place to invest. Local and even global investors have been keeping a close eye on what would happen next in Davao’s real estate market. However, we couldn’t ignore the city’s splendor. Of course, it has a lot to offer, including its convenient location, top colleges, numerous malls, the safest city in the country, tourist attractions, and more future projects owing to the build build build program. As a result, some businesses have expressed an interest in learning why it is worthwhile to locate their operations here. Camella Manors is presently at the top of the city’s real estate business, especially when it comes to condominium, because they have been delivering acceptable deals and promotions to clients.


This city is the most well-known tourist destination in the Philippines because it is one of the seven natural wonders (Daluyon, n.d). Filipinos and foreigners are usually present when visiting the city, especially in Palawan, because of the lovely landscape it provides to the people. Furthermore, we may assert that this city has a large number of hotels, right? But did you know that this area also has condominiums? Yes, without a doubt! Some of the city’s biggest enterprises have already established themselves, and they can provide you with flexible and fantastic bargains, such as pre-selling and ready-to-move-in units. However, I strongly advise you to get a ready-to-move-in unit so that you won’t have to wait long to live in the city.


The city is located in Metro Manila’s north point province, where it is recognized as the Philippines’ heartland and a heavily urbanized metropolis (OFW Investment, 2021). Living here has the advantage of being close to numerous destinations, such as Davao City, where you can easily visit various malls, enroll in universities, and so on. If you are from Luzon, this will fit you as an investment because condominiums are already built and ready for occupation. Furthermore, there are future and future condominium developments in the city that have yet to appraise. So, if I were you, I would seize the opportunity to live in this lovely city right now.

These are the top cities in the Philippines that are now dominating the real estate market. Most of the other cities have also entered into agreements with other firms for future condominium constructions, which is why the country’s number of foreign investors who may seek or acquire a property in the future is steadily expanding. I hope you found this essay useful in making your selection. And best of luck with your apartment purchase!

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