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Best Camping Destinations Near Bengaluru


Let us get out of our four-walled bedrooms and lay on the ground surrounded by nature in all four directions. This time, the air conditioners you sleep in  are going to change to a cool night’s breeze. The bed is Mother Earth, the roof is the infinite sky above you and a starry blanket to pull. Visit these amazing camping destinations near Bengaluru and go back to nature, mankind’s natural habitat. 

Most of the camping facilities are provided within resorts, adventure camps and national parks near Bengaluru. However, in this article we will try to add independent camping sites as well. 


This is a trekking, picnic, fishing, national park camping site. It is approximately 105 km away from Bengaluru. Bheemeshwari is famous for its excellent ambient location, best sunset view point, and amazing wildlife experiences. The Bannerghatta national park is famous for its varied facilities it offers to its customers. There is a trekking point where you can trek for a day, watch the sunset and come back to base. The National Park provides lodges, tents for camping, and cottages in the national park area. There is a fishing camp in close proximity as it is located near Cauvery River. 


Ramanagara is situated around 50-60 kms away from Bengaluru and has beautiful trek trails and camping sites are spread across the whole district. Among which, Kanakapura is famous for its Nature Adventure Camp. This camp caters to adventurous seekers and nature lovers desires. There are several activities for adrenaline push and serene quiet areas for camping. The adventure camp provides day out camps as well as night camps. The exciting night camps are not to be missed! You could engage in story telling sessions, games, and impromptu jam sessions around the bonfire. A totally wild, filled with nature experience. In day out camping, you could go kayaking, coracle, splash landing zipline etc in the nearby lake. There is also a pool and mud activities which will take you back in your carefree childhood. 

Nandi Hills

If your boss wants to have that presentation on Monday at any cost but Mother Nature’s embrace is important for your mental health too. Nandi hills is the quickest escape for you. Located 61 kms from Bengaluru, Nandi Hills are perfect weekend getaways and leisure camping. The trek trail consists of  Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple. Tipu’s Drop, and wide plain area on the hilltop where you can watch sunsets. If you still don’t want to go home yet, there are camping sites at the foothills like; White WoodsGround Zero Hub, Aura Camping, Charisma Camping Ground. 

Anthargange Hills

These hills, situated in Kolar district, are ideal for night treks and camping. Anthargange Hills are approximately 70 kms away from Bengaluru city. There are numerous activities and games one can engage in once they reach the peak and set up camp. Bring your binoculars and study the stars with space enthusiasts in the camp. There are also the renowned Anthargange caves in close proximity. Remember to wear full covered clothes and carry mosquito repellent with you. Enjoy the most memorable sunset and sunrise of your life shared with people who share the same interests as you.

Q Mango Forest

Q Mango Forest camping grounds are situated near Hosakere lake in Ankanahalli village in Ramanagara. It is equipped with several indoor as well as outdoor activities. From staying in resorts, swimming pools  to setting up camps near the lake, the area will find a way to engage you in its fun activities. Trekkers can go for a hike, adrenaline junkies can opt for rock climbing, water activities, rope jumping etc. the wide open space near the lake is ideal for people looking for a quiet time. Bring a book or listen to music, you will enjoy the time spent outdoors among trees, birds and nature.

Ranch 14 BASCOOL

This place is the epitome of minimalistic living and ‘less-is-more’ proverb. Ranch 14 is an offbeat camping site within just 38 kms from Bengaluru. The area is vast with tremendous possibilities to engage in outdoor activities. You are your own boss here. There are basic necessities available which is enough for a camp. Climb a tree, play cricket, enjoy looking at the floras surrounding you, do anything that makes you happy. This place is great for kids to explore outdoors and have a bonfire on the premises while telling bedtime stories. 

There is also a base camp near Savandurga trek point called Vagabond Camp where tents are set up right in front of the hills and the serene lake.

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