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Basic guide to making the most of the sales

Basic guide to making the most of the sales

Choices to purchase at a decreased cost. Rebate, Promotion, discount, offer and settlement are they synonymous? All these types of sales coincide on one point, their main advantage: “they offer the consumer the possibility of taking advantage of a price reduction of the product concerning the one he had previously”, point out from the Association of Consumers and Users of the Community of Madrid (AUSCOMA). Basic guide to making the most of the sales


They are a discount on several products or all the products of a commercial establishment. If the offers in sales do not affect all the products marketed.


It is a communication tool, which serves “to publicize a new product or article, achieve the increase in sales of existing ones or the development of one or more shops or establishments,” they clarify. It must be preceded or accompanied by sufficient. information to the public, which shall clearly state the product to be promoted and the conditions of sale.

In addition, the seller must have sufficient stock to meet the offer. The duration of advertising should never exceed the stock availability of the items or services offered.

If stocks run out during the Promotion, the merchant “may foresee the reservation of the selected product for a certain period, under the same conditions and price of the offer”. If the buyer is not satisfied or the reservation. Period elapses without the merchant to meet the demand. The requested item has to be replaced by another of similar conditions and characteristics.


They are also a reduction in the cost of a product for having more stock. Than it should be because an article has stopped being manufactured. If its expiration is very close, among other circumstances.


It is an exceptional price drop. It takes place only when the activity of a business is totally or partially ceased or when it changes premises or carries out important works in it. The purpose of the LiquidationLiquidation is to deplete stocks.


They offer products at a lower value due to deterioration, damage, disuse or obsolescence.

What to look for when buying discounted products?

Image: In sales, only the purchase cost decreases, but our rights as consumers remain intact. What requirements must establishments meet in deals with reduced prices? Deals dates, which per account can select, should be displayed visually to the public. Even when the store remains closed.
The fees must appear clearly, both the previous and the reduced. “The reductions will be recorded by showing the reduced price of the same yields. Sold in the place together with the previous amount, ” says customer whizzes.

To pay, you can use the same means of payment that the merchant usually admits. It is also advisable to find out if they accept the return of the money.

 You must always warn!

It is important to collect all the documentation that proves the purchase, such as invoices, and save the advertising or information brochures. It is advisable to acquire shops that adhere to the Consumer Arbitration System as far as possible.

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