Barbie Syndrome Is Having Issues as a Publicist

Barbie was first introduced in a striped bathing suit in March 1959, and has been love by five generations. Ruth Handler create this wealthy and well-known doll, which had a juvenile face but an adult body. Barbie syndrome, who also went by the name Barbara Millicent Roberts, is now 50 years old and appears to have been popularize by a Yale-educate man who swung his way through the 1970s. Unfortunately, Jack Ryan appeared to come from a shady background.

Barbie broke up with her long-term lover, Ken Carson, in 2004 in order to show what she saw as commonplace events. The ‘couple’ was reunit in February 2006. Barbie was never seen with children; instead, she had a panda, horses, dogs, cats, a lion cub, and even a zebra as pets. Barbie went from being a flight attendant to a pilot. She wore many hats, including that of a doctor and an astronaut. (Anything that will help Matel make more money.) Fulla, an Islamic Barbie, as well as African and Hispanic Barbies, are available.

By the late 1990s, any woman thought to be shallow and frivolous was referred to as a ‘Barbie.’ This was a follow-up to the 1970s’ ‘blondes having all the fun’ mentality. Barbie’s exaggerated body form was the source of the most backlash. The very real danger of encouraging anorexia in young girls was due to the unattainable body form. According to the University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, any female with a physique built like Barbie would be missing 17 to 22 percent of the body fat required to menstruate. In 1997, a new design for the Barbie syndrome mould was introduce.

Barbie’s teeny-tiny waistline was widen by many inches. In 1997, a buddy of Barbie in a pink wheelchair appeare, in keeping with the social conscience of the time.  In 2005, it was report that some girls go through a ‘I-hate-Barbie’ period.

Barbie’s head could be choppe off or she could vanish into a blob of plastic inside a microwave oven as the girls try to break free from their ‘Barbie days.’ Despite this, 90 percent of the over 100,000 devote Barbie doll collectors are women over the age of 40. Each year, 45 percent of them will spend more than $1000 and buy more than 20 Barbie syndrome dolls. In October 2004, a Barbie sold for $3552 on eBay, wrapped in immaculate condition. This doll cost $3 when it was first purchased in 1959.

At Christies in London, the highest price ever paid for a Barbie was nine thousand pounds sterling.  It was a 1965 Barbie doll dresse in Midnight Red that was being sold by two Dutch ladies, Ietje Raebel and her daughter Marina, as part of a private 4,000 Barbie doll collection.

The original 1959 Barbie reproduce, stripes and all, to commemorate the 50th anniversary.

Characteristics of Barbie Dolls include:

Barbie dolls are make of plastic.

To keep your youthful appearance at all costs, you must invest in cosmetic surgery.

In order to compete for his devotion and attention, you’ll need implants, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast lifts, cellulite removal, botox injections, chemical peels, and other methods to preserve or improve your outward appearance.

  1. Barbie dolls are not able to communicate.

Alpha men require a woman who will not criticise his lengthy work hours, time spent with his “guys,” relationships with other women, or lack of involvement in household problems.

  1. Barbie dolls are always smiling.

The alpha guy need a woman who hides her dissatisfaction in the relationship.

When she hears that he has a child outside of their committ relationship, she will be overjoye.

  1. When the alpha male finish playing with Barbie, she can be put on the shelf.

He doesn’t have to worry about the long-term consequences of shattering her heart.  When he falls in love with a younger, hipper, fresh model with larger lips.

  1. Barbie dolls are in need of and interested in material accoutrements.

The alpha male understands that he doesn’t have to worry about being faithful and devote to the relationship.  As long as he is prepare to purchase her big, elegant residences, costly cars, and jewels.

Barbie dolls require a lot of money to maintain.

Because it affirms his wealth and reputation. The alpha male has the financial means to provide her with whatever she requires.

  1. Barbie syndrome dolls have the ability to roam or relocate at any time.

Because she does not have a career or aspirations that can be surrender or hinder for an alpha guy.

She carries a travel case with her.

She moves about depending on the wants of the dominant male.

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